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Hey Everybody! Today we’ve got a special guest post for you! Our Spelman sister Whitney B, author of Cooking With Whitney B is here to offer up a DIY project that’s sure to get you in the mood for some pre-spring cleaning! Enjoy!!

Recently, I had to call a truce with my jewelry and my dresser…SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE! Outside of my expensive pieces like my authentic pearls and diamonds, all of my everyday jewelry was always thrown about on my dresser. Well, I have had enough! I pulled all of my pieces from dresser and stared at the them for a long time.

whitI was going to go out and thrift for something to hang all my jewelry on when I looked up and saw I already had this bare lady on my wall! whit0The only additional thing I had to buy were clear push pins. whit1I also had these small jewelry bags which were leftover from beads I’d ordered from the beaded jewelry line, Kill Pink before they went under to revamp. The bags came in handy for those jewelry items that couldn’t be secured using the push pins.whit4 Since you most likely won’t have these things readily available to you, I suggest going to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or any other great thrifting spot to find your centerpiece to hang your jewelry. Though I hung all of this without a ruler, I’d suggest that you use one to be on the safe side.

Once you’ve found your centerpiece, grab your clear push pins, your ruler, mini mesh bags and you’re ready to go!

When placing my jewelry on my centerpiece, there was no rhyme nor reason. I hung pieces as I was lead. I put all of my beads and necklaces on the centerpiece because I knew I wanted my watches and African bracelets to appear as if they were floating. whit2Once I finished hanging my pieces, I grabbed my push pins to hang my watches and wooden bracelets. I placed each pin inside of the the first hole of each watch with about an inch and a half apart and 3 inches below each other. Of course, this is all dependent on the types and amount of watches & bracelets you have. So feel free to do what works best for you! Inside of my bags, I put my pins, rings and earrings to create easy access.  To hang my bracelets and watches, I placed them on the wall and then put the push pin inside to secure placement. whit3Once you’re finished hanging your pieces, you have a beautiful arrangement before you!whit5 Be sure to check me out at Cooking With Whitney B! Hope you enjoy 🙂
Thank you Whitney!!