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One thing that my friends can tell you about me is that I love New Orleans. So anytime there is a restaurant that serves New Orleans style food, I have to try it out. I recently went to Bayou Bakery and had the best foodie time!

I enjoyed this experience with my godchild and her parents. We all left pleased and full. What more could you ask for?

bayou bakery

So I loved the decor here. It made you feel warm and cozy and welcomed. I could feel southern hospitality vibes throughout. If you order your food to dine in, you are given these cards (bottom right of the pic) with Louisiana locations. There is also a sticky station in case you need more cane syrup, red pepper jelly, etc.

photo 1

The food was tasty and had good flavor. While I felt some of the dishes could have used a little extra salt or hot sauce, I feel like Bayou Bakery is aware as on each table is hot sauce and salt, no pepper. Some may look at this as the food not tasting well, but that’s not the case in my opinion. I’m going to assume that Bayou Bakery is aware of the times, people’s health issues and don’t want to load people up with salt. Thank you for that!


I was really excited about dining here and I ended up ordering a lot of food, as did my friends. We enjoyed greens (good flavor and loaded with bacon), andouille sausage, gumbo and their creole pilgrim sandwich that comes with shaved, blackened, all natural local turkey, baby arugula, smoked gouda, dijonaise (yummy). I will say that the gumbo was lacking something for us. I’m pretty sure it was seafood… and a little hot sauce…LOL.

My two favorite things I ate were the beignets and the biscuits. The texture of the beignets was a little different than Cafe du Monde, but they were still delicious and of course, loaded with powdered sugar.


But the biscuits… oh the biscuits. Yes, they were warm and tasty, but the true highlight for me was the pepper jelly and creole cream cheese. Have you ever had cream cheese that taste like butter? Me either… so when I had it from Bayou Bakery, I was so smitten. And you may not think that pepper jelly would be delicious… but it is amazing! I think I’m going to have to find it in the stores.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my Bayou Bakery experience (Menu here). It’s located in Arlington, Virginia near the courthouse and not too far from a metro. I will definitely be back to dine and partake in some of their daily specials. This little trip to VA (VA can be far to a DC/MD girl…LOL), filled my NOLA void until I go back this summer.

Have you been to Bayou Bakery? What did you think?

– G

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