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Some times I get struck with ideas and I have to make them happen ASAP. That’s exactly what happened while browsing the sale section of Anthropologie and chanced upon a bin of wayward knobs on sale for $2.99. All of a sudden I remembered I had never properly put the knobs on my chest of drawers and could create a fun custom piece with these little gems.

knob knob1 knob0

Naturally it wasn’t enough to stop at the knobs so I decided to paint the drawer fronts as well. After taking a trip to Strosnider’s, I decided on a navy paint for the drawers and picked up a sanding sponge to score the drawer fronts.

drawer drawer0


I started by removing the old knobs and using the sanding sponge to sand the drawer fronts. drawer2 drawer3 drawer4

After wiping the drawers clean, I applied 3 coats of the navy paint.drawer5 drawer6 drawer7I allowed the paint to dry and then applied the new knobs. drawer8After looking at the finished product, I decided that the navy paint wasn’t enough so I got my white and gold acrylic paints out that were left over from ym bangle project and decided to do a sponge effect.

drawer13The finished product??

drawer10 drawer12This project was much easier than I thought it would be and it was fun to turn an average piece of furniture into a creative custom piece!

~ Dyanna