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So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and because I love love, I enjoy seeing everyone in the stores running around trying to find something sweet for a loved one. I’m a big believer that when it comes to gifts from the heart, there should always be some thought involved.

So you’re low on cash at the moment… here are some ways to show your love that are easy, light on your pockets and still thoughtful.

1. A Trip to the Museum
Many of the museums in DC are free. Go explore, learn and engage. Nothing like some stimulating, intellectual conversation.

2. Pamper Day
Spas can be pricey, so why not bring the spa home? Pamper your love with spa – like treatment. Paint her nails, run a nice, hot bubble bath, give a massage. If you want to take it a step further, use a brown sugar body scrub, made by you!

3. Cook
I don’t know about you…. but when someone cooks for me it makes me feel appreciated. Cooking takes some thought and a bit of preparation. Prepare your love’s favorite meal or your strength dish (you know the one dish that you cook well). Making brunch (my favorite meal) is a good option because it’s simple to make and does not cost a lot. Our Shrimp & Grits or Chicken & Waffles recipes that would make great options.

4. A Handwritten Note
Write a letter confessing your love. Most people don’t write with pen and paper anymore. I believe it’s a lost art. Maybe it’s such me, but I think a handwritten note is so romantic. I’m certain the gesture will be cherished.

5. Framed Favorite Words
Do you two have a favorite movie or saying that only you two understand the meaning of? If so, use those words or phrase and make it into artwork by putting it in a frame. This is what I will show you today.

I chose the words, Blues & Funk. They are words from one of my favorite movies, Love Jones. First, I gathered my materials: a frame that was on clearance, chic gift wrapping paper and letters. You can find letters in the scrapbooking or poster aisle of a store. (You see glue below in this pic, but I didn’t need to use it. The letters were self-adhesive.)2013-02-12_23-31-09_926

So I removed the glass and the description paper from the frame. Next, I took the cardboard that was also in the frame and wrapped (like you would a gift) it in the wrapping paper.



Then, I took this piece and placed it back into the frame. (Already looking nice here…)


Next, I placed my letters down.


This was so easy to do and I loved the results.



And because it’s Wednesday… this would also be a great project for table numbers or signs for a wedding.

– G