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I really like shirts that have catchy or funny phrases. So when I saw this DIY shirt project on The Next Big Adventure, I was very excited to try it.

I thought of a phrase that was very fitting for a party I was going to (Grits & Biscuits, to be exact). Once I decided on a phrase, I was ready to get to work. I will be honest and tell you that this was not a 20 minute project. I worked on this shirt for about three nights. The most tedious part for me (because my patience can run thin) was the sewing of the letters.

Anywho, I gathered my materials. A shirt, fabric and thread. Oh, and a little bit of fabric glue. I chose to use black and white threads because it worked well with the fabrics I selected.

items needed

Next, I printed out my letters on card stock and cut them out. I used these letters as stencils to pen out the letters on the fabric.


I stenciled the letters backwards with a pen on the back side of the fabric. I didn’t write too hard as I didn’t want the ink to show through to the front of the fabric. (I could tell it was the back side of the fabric because the colors weren’t as bold.) It’s important to stencil on the back side of fabric and with the stencil letters backwards because you want your letters to come out the right way (legible) and on the bold side of the fabric.

tracing more

Once I finished tracing the stencils on the fabric, it was time for me to cut the letters out. Here are my letters from the fabric.

letters cut out

Now, I may have cheated a bit by using a little fabric glue. But I like accuracy, so it was needed for me to place and hold the letters. I wanted to be sure they were in the right spot. I placed the glue only in the center of the letters. That way when the glue dried, I wouldn’t have a challenge sewing through the dried glue.

glued on

After getting the letters in the spot I wanted them to be in, I began my sewing. Here is what the shirt looked like after I finished sewing the letters. (The ‘k’ in look is a little crooked, but it’s adds kharacter…LOL. Next time, I will use just a tad more glue to secure the letters.)

finishedSo now it’s finished and ready to wear. Even though the sewing part was a bit tedious for me, I will definitely be doing this project again. I loved how it turned out.

the finished shirt

– G