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First it was cupcakes, then frozen yogurt, and then pies. Now it appears that DC may be on the verge of a doughnut frenzy. But we’re not talking the Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme variety; I’d like to refer to these as gourmet donuts. Zeke’s DC Donutz is the first of three such spots to open in the District.

Brought to you by Aaron Gordon, who also owns Red Velvet Cupcakery, last Friday, Zeke’s opened amid a bit of controversy following the announcement of their original name Cool Disco Donutz. The public backlash may have sparked the name change but it didn’t stop the show!

zekeLocated at 2029 P St., the former location of tangysweet, Zeke’s is a quaint but cozy spot with decor that is a serious ode to 1980’s DC graffiti culture. All of the walls are tagged with colorful graffiti and there’s even an old school boombox blaring music reminiscent of the era stationed near the register.

zeke0 zeke1 zeke2zeke9The staff was friendly and didn’t mind answering my questions about the various flavors that were and were not available at the shop. By the time I arrived there were only 7 flavors left, not including the peanut butter bacon that I reeeeally wanted to try. Since that flavor was already sold out, I decided to go with the raspberry glazed, while my brother went for the Ferrero Rocher(chocolate glazed plain doughnut with a hazelnut fulling) and I took a lemon curd home to share with my family. zeke8zeke4 zeke4aThe raspberry glaze was amaaaazing! Can’t you tell by my expression?? And while the glaze impressed me, the doughnut itself actually left a little to be desired. It definitely doesn’t have that melt in your mouth quality that Krispy Kreme possesses and is actually a bit dense. I’ve been to the Doughnut Plant in NYC so I’m familiar with this style of doughnut but I dunno, it just seemed a bit dry.zeke5 zeke7My brother had the same opinion of his Ferrero Rocher doughnut. However, he definitely enjoyed the chocolate & hazelnut flavors as well as the creme in the center of the doughnut but wished the filling had been better dispersed instead of sort of globbed all in the very center. zeke10The lemon curd was also delicious with the star being the actual curd. It had great lemon flavor that was a perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

I wouldn’t be able to say I had the complete Zeke’s experience without trying the cereal milk, which as the name eludes, is cereal infused milk.

zeke6I had the fruity pebbles milk and it was tasty but I wouldn’t say it was a must-try.

Doughnuts are $2.30 for glazed, $2.70 for filled and savory, which may sound steep but these puppies are pretty big. Definitely big enough to share or eat a little now and save some for later.zeke11See, I told you they were big 🙂

Overall, I would give Zeke’s a B. I can’t wait to go back once they fully open and try the savory doughnuts.

Want to learn more about Zeke’s? Follow them on Twitter @ZekesDCDonutz!

~ Dyanna


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