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Fellas! I said, hey fellaaas! We’ve heard you and we’re here to give you more features that cater to your interests 🙂

If you’re a DC based fella, have you heard of one of Geoorgetown’s newest shops Suit Supply? If the answer is “no”, I’m glad I can be the one to introduce you to this awesome men’s store!

Say “bye-bye” to the days of being relegated to buying cookie cutter, boxy suits from department stores. Based in Holland, Suit Supply just landed in DC at the corner of 28th & M Sts. NW. four months ago and is the 3rd US location for this Dutch men’s atelier.


From the moment I walked in, my breath was literally taken away! Okay, I’m a little dramatic, but seriously I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear as I walked through the door and took in the view.


Suit Supply has everything! Casual wear is the first thing you see when you enter but the star here, as the name suggests, is the suit selection. There are plenty of fabrications and colors to choose from.





suits2suits18 suits19


*one of the super vibrant fitting room areas*

There are ties, literally a whole wall full!



Dress shirts, perfectly arranged by size.



Belts & dress socks

suits9Cool cufflinks


There’s even a formal wear section suits14

Even the store’s mannequins are a sight to see!suits15

The most important attribute Suit Supply possesses and what I thought was the highlight of this shop is the on-sight tailor who was doing alterations as I toured the store. suits20

Next time you’re in the market for a new suit or anything for that matter, I suggest you take a trip down to Suit Supply and let their wonderful sales’ staff(special thank you to Josslyn & Kyle for entertaining all my questions!) and let them show you all that this Dutch retailer has to offer.

Have any of you guys visited Suit Supply??


~ Dyanna