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Who knew crayons could be used for more than just coloring?? I’ve been seeing a bunch of crayon artworks such as this one while perusing the web

crayon10*taken from crafster.org*

and wanted to figure out how I could make my own! I did some research and found out that I could create such a piece using a stretched canvas, tons of crayons(seriously like 70), a glue gun and a blowdryer(yep a blowdryer, how crazy is that??)!


I wanted the canvas to be black so I started by painting the canvas with acrylic paint that I had leftover from my DIY bangle project.

crayon1 crayon2While the canvas was drying, I took the time to lay out all the crayons that I planned to use and create the color pattern I wanted.crayon0

After the canvas dried, it was time to stage the crayons in the heart pattern. This step honestly took forever(I can bit a liiiittle bit of a perfectionist) and almost made me abandon the project, but I refused to give up!


Once the crayons were laid out just so, I got my handy glue gun and glued the crayons in place.crayon4

This next step can get messy, so if you’re going to try it, set up newspaper under and around the canvas to catch any splatter. crayon5

Lean the canvas against the wall and heat up that blowdryer!crayon6

To get the splatter to go in the right direction, I had to keep turning the canvas so that the splatter went downward. The length of time you’ll have to keep the heat on the crayons depends on the amount of splatter you want to create. crayon7

The finished product!!crayon8 crayon9This project was much easier than I thought it could be, even though it is a little time consuming. And for my first time, i’d say I did pretty good!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this DIY artwork would be a perfect handcrafted gift! Keep that in mind folks!

~ Dyanna