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The extended weekend that most DC’ers and politicos across the country have been looking forward to since November’s election results is finally in full swing! President Obama has been sworn in


*photo taken from thegrio.com*

the city is packed with power players and celebs, Inaugural Balls/dinners/parties are happening all across the DMV and did we mention that traffic is a nightmare!?

Today at 11:30am, the Inauguration ceremony will begin; followed by the parade which is slated to begin around 2:35. I’ll be watching the festivities from the warm comfort of my own home but if you’ll be out with the crowd, I’ve got a couple helpful tips for you:

1. Dress warmly!!!! I can’t stress this enough. When you think you’ve put on enough layers, add another. What seems bearable when just walking from point A to point B can become downright torturous after being outside in near freezing temps for hours.


*These are your best friend! Buy them from CVS or from a street vendor. Buy like 10, trust me!*

2. Plan your travel route carefully. There are tons of street closings downtown as well as Metro station closings. Check here for the list of closed Metro stations. And check here for the list of street closures and parking restrictions. Read carefully, the list is massive.

3. Bring water and snacks. You’ll be out there for hours and everybody knows that these types of occasions bring out vendors who will often overcharge. It’s just the basic law of supply and demand. I would however, also recommend trying one of the many food trucks that will be dotting the ceremony area from across the country. District favorites who will be in attendance include our fav Goodies Custard, Fojol Brothers, Carnivore BBQ and Capital Chicken & Waffles.

4. Take tons of photos and cherish the moment! I went to the ceremony in 2009 and to say it was an unforgettable experience is an understatement. Thousands of people will be out celebrating President Obama’s re-election and feeling uber patriotic. Make a new friend and relish in the experience. I promise you’ll never forget it!


*One of my best friends & I on the National Mall at the ’09 Inauguration*obama3

*The sea of people on The Mall*

Naturally, I had to pay my respects to this momentous occasion with a patriotic manicure.



And before I close out this post, I have to also say Happy MLK Day!! Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 84 years old this year!


*photo taken from umbc.edu*milk0


~ Dyanna