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I love accessories! Ever since I was a little girl(sounds nostalgic right?) I’ve had a particular love for bracelets and bangles; at any time you can catch me with a wrist full. So when I saw that I could design my own, I got super excited!

I jumped onto my new favorite site, etsy.com(I swear you can find EVERYTHING on there) and came across Ukranian Woods, a merchant selling hand crafted wooden bangles in Ukrain, shaped and sanded for painting. I definitely could have found a merchant in the US, but the unique shapes they offered caught my eye.

After a couple weeks my bracelets arrived and I was ready to hit Michael’s for the rest of my supplies.


I actually referenced Michael’s website in order to find out what I would need to make sure my bangles turned out picture perfect.

What you need

Wooden bangles that have been shaped and sanded

Acrylic paint


Triple Thick glaze

Any embellishment of your choosing(rhinestones, an acrylic marker for writing words or saying, metal chain, etc etc)


plastic gloves


I decided to go with black and white paint as well as a gilded paint set and a gold wood paint marker.

How I did it:

I started by painting 2 coats of paint on my bangles, two white and one black. Be sure to use the gloves or else you’ll have paint all over your hands!

bangle2 bangle4

I decided to give one of the bangles that I painted white a cool gilded effect so I allowed it to dry, then got out a sponge and started with a spotty coat of the black-green paint, layered on the green, then finished it off with a little gold paint and set it aside to dry.

bangle5 bangle6


At this point, I allowed my bangles to dry completely before preparing to write on them.


I planned out what I wanted to write and where and got to work!

“Love.Peace.Dopeness”bangle9After allowing the marker to dry, I had to apply the Triple Thick glaze with a brush to seal in the paint and give the bangles a nice shine.


The finished product:bangle11 bangle12


What do you guys think?? I say not so shabby for my first foray into DIY jewelry   🙂 I definitely have plans to make more!

~ Dyanna