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I’m pretty sure we can all agree that a ‘thank you’ goes a long way, especially a handwritten one. A ‘thank you’ shows that you are appreciative and I will go ahead and say it… it also shows that you have good manners. So when it comes to your wedding, be sure to think about  writing thank you cards.

Let me just clear up some things in regards to wedding thank yous. Wedding favors are considered an expression of gratitude to your guests for joining you on your special day. You only need to send thank you notes to those in the bridal party, people who contributed or assisted in any way, shape or form (i.e. parents, coordinator, friend of family, etc.), and those who gave you gifts. You may also want to send a note to your vendors.

I know you think you have some time before you need to think about thank you cards, but taking care of them now will leave you not rushed or hassled later. You should start writing after the honeymoon. Notes to the bridal party and family should be sent within the month. Thank you notes for wedding gifts should be sent within three months.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, today I’m sharing some inspiration for thank you cards.

Posed & Props

Many choose to take a photo on their wedding day to include in their thank you notes. Adding a prop to your photo is an easy way to include the words ‘thank you.’

A simple thank you on poster boards.

Printed thank you glued to sticks. (Church fan style… LOL)

A parasol printed with the words ‘thank you.’ You could also take a picture with a plain parasol and have your photographer or a graphic designer add the words.

Chalkboard signs

A wooden sign. Many of these can be found on Etsy or on Ruffled Blog’s Recycle Your Wedding site.

I love this one probably because of the southern slang. It’s $50 which may be a bit pricey for a photo prop. But I also understand the reason behind the price (handmade and wood craftsmanship).

Added Touch

So you have a great photo you want to include in your thank you notes? Have a photographer or graphic designer add some words to it.

Simple and a great price at $1.25 per card.

In the next two photos below, for just $15, the designers will add the design seen to your photo. You’ll be provided with a file good for printing and then you can take it where you like. (Some sites for printing photo cards are Paperless Post, Wedding Paper Divas, Zazzle).

StickyGram will convert one of your Instagram photos to a magnet. This makes a nice, little added touch to your wedding thank yous.

I included this photo, one, because I love it. It really shows the couple’s personality. And two, this is an great example of a photo to use for your wedding thank you cards.



Just Words

Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, simply words can have a significant impact, as well.

Here are personalized thank you note cards with just the couples’ names.

Using a vinyl cutter, this DIY-er made her wedding thank you cards. If you have a vinyl cutter, great. If you don’t, I don’t suggest going out and buying one only for this project. (They’re costly.)

I always appreciate handwritten thank you notes and this year, I’m committed to writing more of them. I decided to design a card using stamps. It’s so easy and saves a lot of money. Cards from the store can cost you $3 and up. With the purchase of a 25 pack of cards and envelopes, a stamp pad and stamps, I spent $11 total. That’s .44 a card!


I used some kraft cards I had left over and some generic thank you note cards I got from the $1.50 bin at Michaels.

Here is how the cards came out. Aren’t they lovely?? I really like the personal touch the stamps add. And the monogrammed card would be great to use as your wedding thank you notes.

card 2b

kraft cards

Think you might give card making a try this year? Send me pics!

– G