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As Dyanna said earlier, glitz and glam is a must to celebrate the new year. And if you are having a party for New Year’s, some glitz and glam must be included.

While I’ve seen a few great DIY options for glitter candles and glitter votives (here, here, here), sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the mess of glitter. So today I will show you how to add glam and glitz to your New Year’s Eve party decor without the mess.

First, you will need some glass votive holders and sequin ribbon. The ribbon I found came in the perfect small quantity of 4 ft. Oh, and you will need to get your glue gun ready.


Once your glue gun has warmed up, place a significant size dot on the bottom rim of the votive holder.

Step 1Immediately, place the beginning of the ribbon where you just applied the glue.

Step 2

About an inch from the first glue dot, place some more glue along the bottom rim and press the ribbon down unto the glue. Continue with the glue/press ribbon down process until you have glue an entire line on the votive holder.

To move to the next line, place some glue right above the start of the line and press the ribbon into the glue to begin a new row. Continue with glue/press ribbon down process and transition until you have no more ribbon left or until desired look.

Step 3

The end of your ribbon may look a little frayed, so place some glue on the end of the ribbon and tuck behind the part of ribbon that doesn’t look frayed. Place a big dot of glue on the votive and glue down the end of the ribbon to secure it in place. Your finished votive should look like this.

Glitz Votive

I completed four votive holders and it only took about 15-20 minutes. So easy and simple to do. Remember working with a glue gun, you will be left with “glue strings.” Be sure to remove them at the end stage. Here is how my glitz and glam decor turned out.

Votive holders as is with candles not lit



Votive candles lit



Candles lit and lights out


Let me know how your votive holders turn out or if you have any questions.

– G