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As engagement season winds down (still a few more days left…), those who said yes will begin to think about their wedding dates and locations. Once a date and location has been selected, a save the date notice should be sent out to make your guests aware. It’s not mandatory to send a save the date, but if you’re like me, I like to have things set in my calendar. Save the dates, sent via email or snail mail, should be sent about six months in advance (eight months for a destination wedding).

Today, I will share with you some save the date ideas that are easy to recreate.


The traditional save the dates are produced with engagement photos.





Here is an unique twist to a traditional save the date. A pop-up card. You can work with your designer and/or printer to produce this.

I love the “realness” in this save the date. Wedding magazines everywhere, him handing over his credit card.

Love this black and white save the date.


Engagement photos aren’t always necessary. There are plenty of great save the date options that don’t include photos. Check them out below.

Now this one below (great for a beach wedding), you can make it yourself by just writing in a sand at a beach and taking a picture. Or you can have a designer make it for you.

Here is a pretty watercolor save the date that you can do yourself. All you need is paint and a custom made stamp. Click the photo for the DIY steps.

Like the watercolor, but not interested in making the save the date yourself? Click here for a free printable.

Fun with Chalk




Adding a sign or some words in your engagement photos can make for some amazing save the dates. Whether with paint, balloons or paper, it’s easy to incorporate them into the photos.





Bringing letters and a sign to a photo booth shoot? Love it!

Using a marker or chalk to write on the bottom of your shoes. Cute!




You and your love have a like interest? Save the dates are a great way to showcase that interest.

Is Scrabble your favorite game?

Like to bake?

Have a love for cookies or sweets?

I created this one myself. I baked some sugar cookies (store brought), frosted them with cookie icing (store brought), and then used the spray can cake icing (with the design tips) to write the numbers on the cookies. Next, I took a picture and did some editing/filter adjustments with one of my photo apps. You could do the same with Instagram. I added the words with Photoshop.

cookie work

cookies save the date

Have any questions on how to for one of these? Let me know!

– G