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I’m back with part two of our gift guide. This time I wanted to offer up some great gift suggestions for the fellas! I feel like men are easy AND difficult to shop for at the same time. They usually have apparent needs but don’t know the perfect item to satisfy them. Welp, we’re here to offer up a little assistance!

1. Whiskey Stones from Teroforma


Don’t let their appearance fool you, these whiskey stones are the answer to diluted drinks! You pop them in the freezer for a couple hours(you can also warm them up) and they will keep your drink nice and cold(or warm) longer than regular ice.

2. Cognac glasses by Final Touch – $30.99


These cognac glasses are cool. Enough said. Seriously.

3. Australian Beer Glasses by Brookstone – $39.99


If your man is more of a beer than a cognac drinker, this set of beer glasses are a perfect gift! They keep your beer cold longer than regular glasses and you don’t have to worry about all that pesky condensation building up on it. Plus they look pretty cool!

4. A Membership to Tie Society – Starting at $10.95/month


*photos taken from tbd.com*


*photos from tiesociety.com*

We featured Tie Society back in April. Founded by Zac Gittens and Otis Collins, Tie Society is a tie exchange program that lets you try ties/bowties/cufflinks and then return them to try others! This truly is the gift that just keeps on giving. Check out their website for different gift options!

5. Motorized Tie Rack from Brookstone – $39.99


After your guy gets his membership to Tie Society, he’s going to need someplace nifty to store them all. This motorized tie rack from Brookstone holds 54 ties and 4 belts and includes a built-in light. It easily attaches to just about any closet rod and the reviews make this product seem like a sure winner.

6. E-Tip Gloves from Northface – $45


*photo taken from amazon.com*

How many times have you had to take your gloves off while out in the bitter cold to answer the phone or write a simple text message? With this item, those days will be long gone. Initially I thought, gloves? For a gift?? But I really see these as the type of gift you’ll never even know you wanted but will end up using all the time!

7. Touchscreen Movado Bold by Movado $495


Every man deserves a nice watch and the new touchscreen watch in the Movado Bold series definitely fits the bill. At $495, the price may be a little steep but it’s certainly a piece that the special man in your life will cherish always. Not sold on this touchscreen option? Check out the entire bold line here.

8. Beats by Dre – prices vary


*photo from shopnordstrom.com*

These headphones made it onto the ladies’ gift guide and are appearing once again here! I love the color range and most importantly, the sound quality is ah-may-zing. And don’t think you have to buy the version everyone else is walking around with. Explore the site a little and read about their earbuds and portable speaker systems.

9. A shaving kit from The Art of Shaving – prices vary


*ProGlide power shave set from artofshaving.com*

Who doesn’t like a well-groomed man?? This shaving kit or quite frankly any of the shaving kits are a great gift option for the man in your life.

10. The Virtual Keyboard from ThinkGeek $134.99


*photo taken from thinkgeek.com*

I don’t even think I need to describe why this is an AWESOME gift! I’m tempted to gift this to myself. Let’s not lie, none of us reeeally enjoy typing on these little touchscreen keyboards; this virtual keyboard is the size of a standard keyboard and compatible with all bluetooth-enabled devices. Check out ThinkGeek.com for more info.

**Lucky # 11** Custom Artwork – prices vary

gg0 gg9 gg10

*photos taken from mindofdraper.blogspot.com*

A friend of mine, Ronald Draper, does awesome custom art pieces using mirror panels, spray paint and various forms of media. Nothing says, “I care” like a customized gift. If you’re in the NYC area, and even if you aren’t(shipping can be arranged); check out his website to view his past works!

The custom Coco Chanel piece he did for me:


Hope these suggestions come in handy!

~ Dyanna