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I’ve got quite the nail art obsession. That means that my nail polish collection is pretty extensive and just a tab bit out of control. I had been keeping all of my polishes, brushes and other nail tools conveniently under my bathroom sink, but I needed a way to keep things more organized.


I originally thought about building one from scratch but knowing my lack of handyman abilities, I figured that  could only end in disaster. I started doing a little research and came up with the hopefully bright idea to use a mountable spice rack as a nail polish holder. I turned to the ever resourceful Amazon and found one for $15!


Once it arrived, I brought out the screwdriver and got to work.


I decided to put it up in my bathroom, where I have a lot of empty wall space.

And, voilà!



I love this nail polish shelf! I’m able to keep my polishes nice and organized; no more sifting through plastic bins for that one shade of green, no not the seafoam one, the kelly green one:-) Everything has a place and the rack was inexpensive and easy to set up!


Couldn’t have asked for a better solution!


~ Dyanna