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If you are looking for a great wedding flower that is affordable, comes in any color and available all year… then carnations are what you want. Many don’t like carnations because they can look cheap, but if you work with a florist or farmer directly I’m sure you’ll get fresh, beautiful flowers.

Carnations are presented best when they are bunched together. It’s all about using them in a mass. If you happen to be looking for something simple, a few carnation stems may work for you as well. Below are a few different carnation looks and I’ll show you how to make a carnation sphere yourself.

Looking for an eye-catching way to display your seating cards? Display them on a “bed” of carnations. Click the photo for DIY instructions. (Martha Stewart Weddings)

Carnations in large numbers for your centerpiece. (Martha Stewart Weddings)

A simple display of carnations that are fluffed out (full), providing a needed pop of color. (Brunette Braid/Blogpost)

Carnations on display on the back of a chair at a wedding. (Style Me Pretty)

Put your love on display with a carnation heart wreath. (The Bride’s Cafe)

Because carnations come in various colors, they are a great flower to use to stick to your wedding color palette. (Martha Stewart Weddings)

Centerpiece placed on a mirror. Simple. Classy. Elegant. (Pinterest)

Small, colorful carnation arrangement in a coffee mug. (Oprah)

These carnations in large quantities, really make a statement here. (Belle Magazine)

Carnation spheres — place in water using a floral foam ball and flowers will keep for a few days. (Country Living)

DIY: Carnation Sphere

Spheres are easy and simple to make. All you need is a styrofoam or floral foam sphere, carnations and a stand or small bowl. For this project, I used a styrofoam sphere. If you need the carnation sphere to last more than a day or two, then use the floral foam as it can hold water for the carnations to last.

The carnations will need to be cut down so that there is about an inch of stem left. After I cut the flower down, I fluffed the carnation out. (I picked up my carnations from the grocery store and they weren’t the best quality. I highly recommend talking to your florist or farmer first, so that you get the best quality.)

Place the cut flowers into the sphere. Space them out so there is little to no space that can be seen through the flowers. For some that may mean, place tightly together. If you are using a styrofoam sphere, the stems may not be strong enough to poke through. So use a pencil or pen to poke a hole in sphere first and then place your flower in the hole.

Here is how the flowers and sphere will look during the process.

My finished carnation sphere turned out great. This would make a great centerpiece for a winter wedding.

I decided to spruce it up a bit and add some Christmas flare. I added some ornament like spheres and placed throughout.

My finished table, all ready for the holidays.

If you are looking for some added decor for your winter wedding or for your table this holiday season, try the carnation sphere.

Have questions about it? Let me know.

– G