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Lately, I’ve been into to fall and winter decor. The same decor that can be used in your house, you can take the elements and incorporate it into wedding decor. Today, I’m using cinnamon sticks in my table decor. The use of cinnamon sticks would be great for a winter wedding, as well.

For the candle centerpiece, you will need two candles, cinnamon sticks and some twine. Gather a candle and place four sticks at the north, east, west, south points.

Loosely wrap your twine around the four sticks and candle. Space additional cinnamon sticks in between the empty spaces. Complete until you get your desired look (some like the cinnamon sticks touching, others like a little space between them). Wrap twine around cinnamon sticks and candle a few more times, then finished with a knot and bow.

Here is my finished cinnamon stick and candle centerpiece. I placed it on a burlap runner and added two gold votive holders to bring in some color. Once lit and the candlewick burns, it will warm up the candle wax and the cinnamon scent will start to fill the room.

I decided to also set up plates with chargers, napkins and place cards.

Here is what the (small, but) full table looked like. I made sure to incorporate fall colors such as gold, yellow and browns. I also like the texture difference between the glass plate and gold charger.  As well, the southern girl in me loves the goldenrod plaid napkins.

I think this table turned out lovely! Now all that’s needed is a spread of food. 🙂

If you happen to have any extra cinnamon sticks, you can use them to make place cards. Just place a hole in the card, put the twine through and wrap around the cinnamon stick.

Here’s a close up of the cinnamon stick place card.

Looking for more things to do with cinnamon sticks? Click here for a few simmer pot recipes. Place all the ingredients in water in a pot on the stove and the smells will fill the whole house.

What is on your table this winter? Anything you would like to see me try? Let me know.

– G