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I realized that I haven’t done a beauty blast in a quite some time; however, the manicure I did last night has prompted me to bring them back!

Thanksgiving is here and fall is in the air! I guess that’s what gave me the inspiration to start a fall themed manicure at midnight last night :-/

I gathered all my tools, and I do mean ALL my tools, and got to work!




I started with my Sally Hansen base coat, as usual and then applied a coat of this nude shade from Ulta.


Then I used my fine tipped nail brush to create the trunk and branches for my tree. As well as to write “FALL” on my right pointer finger. I also used my dotter to make a heart on that finger.




To make the fall foliage  I turned to my trusty eyeshadow brushes and combined red, green, yellow and orange polishes to give my trees a fall appropriate look!



I simply adore this manicure! I think it captures the essence of my inspiration quite well, don’t you?



~ Dyanna