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Last Thursday fashionistas around the world lined up for the debut of H & M x Margiela. I’ll shamefully admit that I really hadn’t known much of the brand until Kanye West’s infamous line on the Watch The Throne album, “What’s that jacket? Margiela!?”

I was curious to know what made this brand hot enough to mention in a rap song, so I started doing a little research to learn more about the brand. Maison Martin Margiela isn’t exactly a brand that appeals to my personal style, but I was still curious to see what they would cook up for H & M.

I’m pretty addicted to fashion, but not so ga-ga that I was willing to wait in line overnight to get an wristband and shop when the store first opened. So I headed over after work to see what was left after the morning’s chaos, and to my surprise, there was plenty for me to ogle at.



The collection was filled with futuristic, fashion forward items; some of which looked like they belonged in an art museum, not on the floor of H & M. And that’s prooobably why so much was left when I got to the store that evening. DC can be pretty straight-laced when it comes to fashion so my thought is that many of the items were a little too avant guard for our local tastes, but I’ll let you all be the judge 🙂

Nope that’s not the Stay Puft Man(Ghostbuster’s reference :-), it’s a $399 duvet coat.

My favorite items all came from the accessories collection, which was still edgy but much more wearable:

These invisible wedge knee boots were buttery soft and perfect for the fall. They were also reasonably priced at $199. 

I have a watch obsession so this “empty watch” belt was adorable. I totally would have gotten it to wear as a wrap around bracelet, but it was just a little too big for my wrists 😦

Lastly, this quirky “glove” handbag, which I had actually spotted on line, definitely caught my eye. At $149, I’d say it was priced appropriately and had it not been for this budget I’m on, it would have come home with me.

I was hoping to find the somewhat iconic Margiela candy wrapper clutch, but it was either all sold out or the DC store never got it in. If any of you all see one, let me know! (I’ll take silver or pink 🙂

*picture from Dusty Burrito*

Did any of you all go see the collection? Did you buy anything? I’d love to ehar about your experience!

~ Dyanna