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I happen to love fall because of all the beautiful colors that nature provides. Some choose to have their wedding in the fall season, because you can play up on fall colors or use “nature’s decorations” (i.e. leaves changing colors, etc.).

Fall theme: leaves, pumpkins, burlap (Pinterest)

Because there are many colors of fall, there is a lot that you can do with the decor and theme for a fall wedding. Today, I will show you a few examples and a DIY option for you to try.

Incorporating fall leaves into the invitations (Enchanted Moments)

Playing up on fall colors with deep red and orange flower petals (Weddings on the French Riviera)

Add trees and leaves in to your ceremony decor (Storyboard Wedding)

Calla lily bouquet I made for my cousin’s wedding

Sketched pumpkins… Love this! (Pinterest)

Pumpkins lead the way to the wedding or reception (Her Blog)

Apple place cards (Ruffled Blog)

Another version of apple place cards (Seattle Bride Mag)

Apple cider, anyone? (Wedding Gawker)

Cranberries and a candle. Simple, yet nice touch. Would also be great for holiday table decor. (Project Wedding)

Acorns and candles in hurricanes and other candle holders. (Favor Creative)

Corn, leaves and twine in hurricanes. Definitely a fall look. (My Hearts Desire)

The DIY centerpiece I will show you today is similar to the acorn and corn pictures above. It can work well for a fall wedding or for Thanksgiving decor. It’s super simple and pretty affordable depending on the supplies you have. I didn’t have any of the supplies, so I spent about $25.

You will need three different color beans, charger (optional), ribbon, burlap, candle and a hurricane. (I originally purchase two bags of each kind of beans, but I only ended up using one bag of each.)

Lay the burlap on the table. If you decide to use a charger, place the charger in the center of the burlap. If you decide to forgo the charger, you don’t need to spread the burlap out too much. You want a nice border about the candle.

Think of the color pattern you want to place your beans in. Place your first set of beans in the hurricane. Place the candle in the center.

Place second color of beans in the hurricane, around the candle.

Place last color of beans in the hurricane, around the candle.

Add some ribbon to the hurricane and tie a bow. At this point you can leave it as is, if you like. There will mostly likely be food and other items on your table, so you may not want to make it look crowded.

Because I was focusing on this centerpiece and had nothing else on the table, I added some candle holders and gold beads for an added effect. I also added a key to the ribbon bow. You can add whatever you have in the house. For instance, if you have acorns or nuts, place them around the hurricane.

This centerpiece was super easy to make and it only took about five or so minutes. Giving it a try? I would love to see… send me pics please.

– G