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With the cold weather here to stay, I figured now would be the perfect time to offer up some suggestions for a fall/winter staple; boots!

It just so happens that as I was mulling over the idea of doing a guy’s guide to boots, my brother came to me to help him decide on a pair for himself. So while I was looking over options for him, I decided to come up with a few dress and casual options to share with you men out there who may be on a similar hunt! I know how    daunting the task of shopping can be for a lot of you all, so you can thank me later  for making your lives a little easier 🙂

Dress boots

Dress boots can be laced or slip on, but either way I feel that what makes them dressy is the level of shine. Every man should have at least one pair of dress boots for the winter months. There’s no reason why dressing up should mean that you can’t have warm feet!


Casual Boots

Fellas, it’s okay to think beyond Timberland and Nike when it comes to casual boots. There are SO many options out there these days. Literally, I must have perused over a thousand pics! Black and brown are always your friend but don’t be afraid to try out gray and navy as well!


So how did my brother fair in the end??

After deciding on these Red Tape wingtip boots from DSW for only $59.95, I’d say pretty well!



~ Dyanna