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I’ve always been one of those people who wanted to be different and unique. If I decide to embarrass myself one day and give you all a good laugh, I will post evidence of this with a picture from high school when I decided to forgo the traditional homecoming dress.

Anywho, on Pinterest (of course) I saw this idea for a cute t-shirt. The t-shirt designed by Plum Adorable was made with a bleach pen. It looked easy enough to do, so I decided to give it a try and make a shirt for my 5 year reunion at Spelman College’s (and Morehouse College) Homecoming. Check out my process below.

A little bit of Spelman Homecoming. And me in my designed shirt.

To start, I needed to create a stencil. I found a font I like (AR Bonnie) and printed the words on card stock. After printing, I cut out the letters using scissors and taped up the stencil so my cut marks weren’t open. I highly suggest using a x-acto knife in order to get your stencil perfect. (I didn’t have one on hand, so I made it work with scissors.)

After my stencil was ready, I grabbed my t-shirt and bleach pen to get started. (For those of you wondering, “SpelHouse” is the term used for Spelman and Morehouse Colleges.)

I placed the t-shirt on a hard surface. I used a lid to a plastic bin I had. In placing the shirt on the lid, I made sure the lid was “wearing” the shirt. This was so the lid separated the front of the shirt from the back in order for the bleach to not soak through (to the back of the shirt).

I found the center of the shirt and taped down my stencil.

And then I bleached away and used the pen to draw inside the stencil. I will admit that I got pen happy and went over the stencil twice with my bleach pen. So my shirt came out more white, than pink.

After stenciling, I let the bleach sit for 15-25 minutes and washed off the bleach in cold water. (It will be like a thick film.) Then I washed the shirt in a normal washer-dryer process (like your cleaning your dirty clothes).

This was how the shirt came out once washed and dried.

This was a fun project and the shirt came out so cute! I can definitely see myself doing this again. This would also be a cool idea for bridesmaids shirts for a bachelorette party or for before the wedding, just saying.

What are you thoughts on this bleach pen t-shirt? Are you going to try this project out? Be sure to send me pics!!

– G