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Hey folks!

We hope all of our East Coast readers are safe, sound & dry as we all wait out hurricane Sandy!

Before the weather took a turn for the worst, I was able to indulge in one of my fav weekend activities: the farmer’s market. My local market is located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring on Fenton Street.






Aside from knowing that I’m supporting local businesses and commerce, what I love most about the farmer’s market is the variety of fresh produce, meats & baked goods that are available for purchase.



There was even a local merchant selling bison!





And per usual, I couldn’t leave empty handed. My first purchase was a bouquet of gorgeous orange dahlias. I’ll admit, I generally dislike flowers but I just couldn’t deny the beauty here.


Aren’t they gorgeous!?

My second stop was at the Praline Bakery and Bistro tent. After spotting  colorful Parisian macarons in passing, I just had to stop.


My mom and I tried their lemon drop cookies, which were wonderfully lemony and soft, as well as the macarons.


They were $8.50, which may seem steep but they were divine! This was my first time having these French delicacies but I’ve definitely been motivated to try out a recipe and make my own!



Over the weekend, I also tried out a new manicure, motivated by this year’s baroque trend.


*taken from http://peaceandloveand.blogspot.com*

It seems like baroque inspired garments have been everywhere lately so it’s only right that I should turn the pattern into a nail design.

I used my Essie Good As Gold, Black Tie from Confetti and Essie’s Matte About You topcoat.


I began by applying two coats of Black Tie and then one coat of Matte About You.


Then it was time to get… baroque’ing? I looked to on-line images for inspiration, then used my nail art brush, dotter and Good As Gold to create the designs.




It took a quite some time and concentration to get the designs how I wanted them but when I was all done, I LOVED them!


I usually don’t like the way matte polishes look, but it was a nice touch on the black here!


Stay safe & stay dry everybody! 🙂