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Fall is in full swing and that means that Halloween is just around the corner! I never really celebrated the holiday as a kid, I’ve actually only been trick-or-treating once in my whole life; however, as I’ve reached adulthood, I’ve gotten more into the spooky spirit.

Earlier this week I decided to take on a Halloween favorite, The Great Pumpkin and see what I could do with it! It’s only natural that I couldn’t do just any ‘ol pumpkin so scroll down to see my fashion forward jack-o-lantern!



What you need:

shapely pumpkin

1 pumpkin carving set (readily available at any hardware store. should contain a puncture tool and an electric saw)

black marker

scrap newspaper

large spoon

template for your desired design






How to:

Begin by using your marker to draw an outline around the pumpkin stem. Use the puncture tool from the kit to perforate along the outline. Once the perforation is complete, cut along the dots with the saw.




Remove the stem.



Now you’ll want to use your large stem to remove all the seeds and excess membrane from inside the pumpkin.



Once you’ve taken out all the seeds and unnecessary pumpkin, tape your template (which was drawn by my wonderful mother 🙂 to the pumpkin in the exact spot where you want your “face” to go.



Once again, take the dotting tool and perforate along all the lines.



Now you’re ready to get carving!



And carving…



And carving! I’m a stickler for details, so it took me awhile to get the design just how I wanted it. But in the end…



I’d say it turned out pretty well!

It popped in my head to do an ode to Mr. Chanel himself, Karl Lagerfeld, so I did a quick search and got inspiration here. I added the iconic double Chanel ‘C’ design using the marker just for an extra touch.



I do believe I see the resemblance! What do you all think??