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Suits are an integral part of many men’s wardrobes. Even if they don’t wear a suit to work, I know the importance of having a good suit around for a special occasion. And not to mention that the ladies love to see a man in a nice, well-fitted suit. I know I do, especially if it’s a slim-cut suit 🙂

*picture from authenticforum.com*

So last week when I posed the question, “what would guys like to read about on the blog?”, it was only natural that suits would come up. One of my followers was helpful enough to shoot me a link for a company that’s looking to revolutionize the way men are currently doing their suit shopping, so naturally I had to share it with you all!

Proper Suit is a custom suit company that uses the finest of materials to build a suit that’s essentially made “by” you, for you.


*from propersuit.com*


The process starts with the customer reserving a a date for an in person fitting in one of 11 cities(including DC, New York, San Francisco, Austin & Indianapolis) and putting down a $150 deposit. During the session, which Proper Suit says takes about an hour, customers are able to ask anything and every thing about the suit they want made and pick out all the details. And then just like that, 4-6 weeks later, the customer has a new suit, customized and fitted just for them delivered right to their front door.

So how much does a service like this cost? Depending on the style you choose, suits range from $750 – $1850. Ah yes, you should have known a service like this would come with a hefty price tag. But with Proper using the finest of materials from Italy and being provided with a suit that’s virtually every thing you could think to ask for, I’d say it may just be an investment worth making.


*from propersuit.com*


Are you in the market for a “proper suit”? Check out ProperSuit.com to learn even more about this fashion forward men’s suit atelier.


~ Dyanna