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Hey Folks! On this marvelous Monday I’m here with my Love List! Here are the latest and greatest things that I’m head over heels in love with!


1. Curling Wand

I would like to introduce you all to my new best friend, sent straight from God lol… the Remington Ceramic Pearl Style Curling Wand! A friend of mine, Mecca of the blog Cute Kinks, had been raving about curling wands for the longest and I finally took her word for it a couple weeks ago and bought one.



And I am SO glad that I did; the curls are absolutely amazing! You truly have to experience them for yourself in order to know exactly what I mean. They have the cutest spiral shape and they last for days. The wand gives me salon worthy hair, without the time and money wasted!




Which was great because the one complaint I always have about curls produced with a home iron, is that after a day or two, they no longer look as good. For whatever the reason, that isn’t the case with the curling wand.  I will admit though that the wand takes some getting used to. As you can see, there’s no clip to hold the hair while you curl, which means you have to get your free hand involved. Luckily for us, most wands comes with a heat protectant glove, that you can use to keep from burning yourself.

Before I went out to purchase my wand, I read a couple reviews and watched a few tutorials and this Remington wand kept popping up. For only $24.99 from Target, you really can’t beat that!


2. Brunch at Co Co. Sala

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog for a while, you know that Gina & I love brunch. Like… I think we’re addicted a little bit. So when a surprise birthday shindig popped up this past weekend, I was more that ecstatic to learn that the celebration was going to be a brunch at Co Co. Sala.

I’d never been to Co Co. Sala, but had heard phenomenal things about this decadent, chocolate centered restaurant. The brunch menu boasts a $26 pre-fixe option that includes an ‘amuse(one-bite) of the day’, an entree and a dessert. You can also order items a la carte. There’s no unlimited drink choice, but trust me, you won’t miss it.



I wanted to try as broad a selection as possible, so I opted for the pre-fixe, which started out with my amuse, a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache in the center and caramelized nuts on top.


This small bite was a ball of rich, chocolately goodness. That’s honestly the best way I could describe it. It may look small but there was so much flavor, I definitely still felt satisfied by it.

For my entree, I had the chicken caesar flatbread which was just as appealing to the eyes as it was to my mouth.


Who would think to build a lattice out of fried chicken!? Genius!

To round out my meal, I ordered the Some More Creme Brulee; a chocolate creme brulee with toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles.



There were around 7 of us that went to brunch, so I got a pretty good idea of what the drinks, food & dessert options are like. Here’s a taste:


Signature cocktails: the Fetish, Sinful Sip, Peachy Keen & “MMM” Malted Milk Martini


Cheese Magic : an upside down cheese souffle with a blue cheese pear salad with walnuts, cranberries and honey balsamic vinaigrette


Grown-Up Grilled Cheese with roasted tomato soup and a cheese fritter


Stolen Heart


Hopefully I’ve given you all enough reasons for why you should check out the brunch at Co Co Sala!

3. Nail Dotting & Marbling Tool

I’ve probably mentioned this dotting & marbling tool set 2 or 3 times already, but I have to mention it again for the Love List!

This set has absolutely upgraded my nail design technique! I love doing my own nails, it’s fun and it relaxes me. Being able to create designs that actually look like they could be salon quality, makes me just that much happier!

Check out a few of the designs I’ve been able to do, thanks to this great set of tools:

The puzzle piece mani




Girl on fire (an ode to Katniss lol)



And my latest, Dippin’ Dots



That’s all she wrote for this Love List!

*Know of a product, service or restaurant we should try? We’d love to

~ Dyanna