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I recently made a vow to do more DIY projects. They’re super fun and it’s exciting to see what I can create when I sit down and let my creative juices flow.

So in the name of DIY, I decided that I needed to buy a glue gun; I figured it would come in handy for a plethora of projects in the future. One of which was a customized iPhone case I’ve wanted to make using pyramid studs for a while now. I’m currently crazy about anything & everything with spikes and studs, so I figured it was only natural that one of my main accessories, my phone, should be studded out too!

What you need: 

28 metal pyramid studs

hot glue gun

extra glue sticks

silicone iPhone(or any other type of phone) case

How to:

Before you begin gluing, you’ll want to plan out the design you want for the case. Even though the glue isn’t permanent, it’s a bit of a pain to remove.

Once you’ve mocked the design to make sure it’s actually what you want, it’s time to get gluing! Be warned that the glue gun gets extremely hot, smoking & bubbling hot, so you’ll want to work quickly but safely.

The studs I used, actually had prongs, because they initially were going to be used for clothing but you can easily find ones with flat bottoms on Amazon or eBay. That will cut out the extra step of having to bend the prongs inward so that they lay flat.

And voilà!

Just like that I’ve created a custom phone case that’s absolutely studded out! I love that this project was so easy and so quick, yet the result looks like something you would find in a store.

I think this glue gun may have started some trouble 🙂

~ DyannaLynn