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Y’all know how much I love Wedding Wednesdays. And I think it’s pretty evident that my love for weddings is endless. There are a few things that I really enjoy seeing in the world of weddings these days. Find out below…

Black and White Photography

There is something about a black and white photo that I absolutely love. It’s a bit more revealing to me. Perhaps my brain doesn’t have to process all the colors like it does in a full color photo, so it can just focus on the details. Who knows?? Your whole wedding doesn’t have to be shot in black and white ( it’s usually shot in color and then edited), but a few key photos make for great framed images in your home or for a gift.

In sepia, but still the same effect (Style Me Pretty / Christian Oth Studio)

Use of Lights & Candles

With a little bit of light, something very simple can be turned into elegant or whimsical. Whether it’s candles or the use of actual lights, incorporating a bit here or there will certainly add a nice flair. As well, candles and light usually signify and help to produce a warm environment. So if you are looking to add a touch of warmth to your day, consider using lights or candles.

Romantic proposal setup with just strings of lights (Style Me Pretty / Anna Rose Photo)

Lights streamed along the roof of the tent (Project Wedding)

Chandeliers and blue lights (Style Me Pretty)

The use of candles on the table, chandeliers and hanging candles with the clear tent — Amazing! (Style Me Pretty)


I love the use of chalkboard at any wedding. I can definitely say that chalkboard is my wedding thing right now. It can be used in many ways, such as, for a reception menu display, a photo backdrop, a prop in your photo booth, etc. If you like the idea of incorporating a chalkboard into your wedding but your penmanship isn’t great, find a chalkboard artist or a local college art student. Let them know your vision and theme and they should be able to produce something to your liking.

Chalkboard Art completed by Dana Tanamachi

Dinner menu (Studio DIY)


Is this anything that you are infatuated with right now from the wedding world? Would love for you to share!

– G