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Two things I always look for at a wedding are personality and story. Perhaps it’s just me, but hey. I look for personality because it reveals to me a little about the couple (if I don’t already know them) and it also helps to make the wedding unique. I also look for story because I enjoy hearing about people’s love journey.

Personality and story can go hand and hand because they are both personal. Incorporating personality into a wedding is all about what you like and enjoy or what has a special and/or personal meaning to you. These same details can also help to tell your wedding story.

There are an endless amount of ways to incorporate personality and/or story into your day. So today, I’m sharing with you a few.

Wedding Colors

This one is pretty easy. If you have a favorite color, use it. Or perhaps you and your love met at the same school (a part of your story), you can use your school colors in your wedding.

While doing my usual wedding reading, I read about that one couple wanted a wedding that was cheery, so they chose the color lemon.

Like the lemon color? Check out our previous post on lemon here. (Bride’s Cafe)

Favorite Things

Everyone has a few favorite things that they enjoy. It could be butterflies, coffee, ducks, etc. They could even be a cookie lover, like myself. One could incorporate his/her favorite thing in any aspect of the wedding. It could be the invitation, or the wedding cake or favors.

Have a love of butterflies? Put it on a cake (Weddings 4 Designs)

Showcase your love of butterflies on your wedding dress (Pinterest)

Avid coffee drinkers? Incorporated it in your invitation (Invitation Crush)

Coffee wedding favors (Wedding Chicks)

Express your love with a coffee bar (Wedding Star)


We all know that pets are very personal to people, practically like children. Include your pets on your wedding day to show another aspect of your love. While some may not agree, who cares? It’s your special day. And adding pets can provide some great photo opps.

How cute is he with his bowtie?? (Martha Stewart Weddings)

Table Numbers & Centerpieces

There is a lot that you can do with table numbers and centerpieces to show your personality or tell your story. For instance, instead of numbers, you can name the tables after your favorite date places, travel destinations, movies, songs, etc. When you label the table, include a sentence or two about it.

Are you and your love avid readers? How about including books into your reception decor?

Flowers made from books. Click for DIY instructions. (Better Homes and Gardens)


Programs are a very easy and simple way to tell your wedding story.

Show your love of traveling (Style Me Pretty)

Have a love of crossword puzzles? Was a crossword included in your engagement proposal? (Style Me Pretty)

Of course you can always show your personality through food and beverages. Serve your favorite wine, beer, or cocktails. Create a signature drink. Have the caterers prepare foods that you enjoy and love. Display them at food stations.

There are really tons of options to choose from to tell your story and personalize your wedding. Need some help? I would love to assist. Drop me a note.

– G