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Hey Everybody! The Love List is back for yet another round!

First up:

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

I don’t wear a ton of makeup but my 5 minute daily routine consists of spot concealer, loose powder, blush(when I’m feeling fancy), black eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. My skintone experiences some unevenness every now and then, so I was relying on the concealer to help cover the blemishes.

While the spot concealer did it’s job, it always felt heavy and I couldn’t help but feel like I was painting my face on every morning. Some of the beauty bloggers I follow on twitter had recently been mentioning trading traditional concealer for tinted moisturizer but I didn’t know which brand to try!

In comes NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer to the rescue!


For $42, yes that sounds steep but you’d probably only use a nickel sized portion every day, I’ve found the perfect solution to give my skin the even glowy look I had been pining for all along. The fact that it’s a moisturizer keeps my skin from looking dry, which was an issue before, and it’s SPF 30 so it also helps to protect my skin from the sun. How awesome is that??

To learn more about the product and see all 9 shades it’s available in, click here.

Lady Gaga Fame

For quite some time I’ve been a devout fan of Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance. I’ve been craving a new fragrance for the fall.

While browsing through Macy’s, I came across the massive display for the new Lady Gaga Fame perfume. It automatically caught my eye because it’s black and there’s never been a black perfume before and the bottle is pretty scary in a cool way. I was intrigued. And when I smelled it, I fell in love!


*from torontosun.com*



I really can’t even describe the smell, but I love it. And that comes from someone who is usually anti celeb fragrances because well… they’re usually cheaply made and thus smell like floral disaster. Fame sprays clear, despite the black fluid in the bottle and is described as having notes of orchid, incense, saffron, honey and apricot. Interesting mix, right?


If you’re in the market for a new fragrance, I’d definitely suggest checking this one out!

And last but definitely not least on the list:


Holiday Weekends!

Who doesn’t love a 3 day weekend?? As summer draws to a close, we all get to go out with a bang by celebrating Labor Day Weekend!

And this Labor Day Weekend, there’s sooooo much to do in DC! As an alumna of Spelman College, I’ll be spending my Saturday tailgating with friends at RFK Stadium for The Nation’s Classic. A football matchup between Howard University and Morehouse College!




That night I’ll be partying the night away by dancing to the latest and greatest tunes from the “Dirty South”, at the 930 Club for the Grits & Biscuits party. If you’ve never heard of Grits & Biscuits, it’s a party started two years ago by Erika Lewis and brothers Alzo and Maurice Slade. The original took place in New York City to fill a void in the party scene.

*picture taken from ticketfly.com*

Tickets are sold out on-line but you can definitely take a chance and head to the 930 Club when doors open at 10pm.

To wrap up the weekend, I’ll be going to see this guy, also at the 930 club!


Tickets are still available here.

Woo! I’m exhausted already just thinking about everything I’ve attempted to pack in this Labor Day weekend!

Looking for something to get into this weekend?

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is back and in full swing.

If you’re looking to take a little trip, Philly may be the move for Jay Z’s Made in America music festival, starting September 1st.

Or why not just hit a local pool or beach and relax a bit??

Whatever you do, enjoy it!!