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As much as I love food and love to bake, I’m not really a dessert person. I usually reserve dessert eating for special occasions but one treat you will never see me turn down is ice cream. I only eat vanilla and cookies & cream and the creamier it is, the better.

With that said, you can imagine my sheer delight when my dad read an article to me from The Washington Post about an old-fashion custard truck, Goodies, that had recently hit the DC food truck scene. Even though it seems like ice cream on a truck would be a no-brainer for this burgeoning business concept, Goodies is actually the first of it’s kind here and if you ask me, Brandon Byrd(the owner of Goodies) has definitely come up with a recipe for food truck success.

The truck, named Gigi, is absolutely adorable! It’s smaller than most of the other trucks and has great vintage appeal(it’s actually a restored 1950s Metro van). The Chuck Berry tunes often heard pouring from the truck, also add to the Goodies nostalgia effect.

*Brandon chatting customers up about the awesome Goodies’ custard*

Customers can choose from a sundae, shake or concrete, all made using the custard that is made fresh by Brandon every morning. For my first visit, I decided to go for the rootbeer float, which is actually a guilty pleasure of mine. The float was absolutely delicious! You would think the custard would play second fiddle to the rootbeer, but I love that you could still taste the vanilla flavor and experience the creaminess. The floats and shakes also come with a striped paper straw. How unique is that?

*The root beer float made with Sprecher root beer*

For my 2nd visit, I had Gina come along and we tried out the sundaes. I’m simple so I just went for the custard with caramel. Gina tried out the oreo cookie sundae complete with whipped cream and bright cherry on top.

Long story short, we love Goodies!! So if you’re looking for a cool treat for these hot summer days, follow @GoodiesDC to see where they’ll be rolling to next!

Today they’ll be at Union Station. Tomorrow, L’Enfant Plaza!

~ Dyanna