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I absolutely LOVE Cuban food! Plantains, rice and peas, yucca, I love it all! So you can only imagine the sheer shock I felt when I learned, just this past weekend, that I have been living a 10 minute walk away from a Cuban restaurant for nearly a year and had absolutely no clue!

Cubano’s, located at 1201 Fidler Lane, turned out to be the perfect solution to the craving I’ve had for Cuban fair since leaving NYC!

The restaurant is super cute! With brightly colored walls that are filled with Cuban artwork and an outdoor patio that’s perfect for Mojito sipping. Cubano’s offers a diverse selection of dishes and their truly seems to be something for everyone.

For dinner, I started with the tamal en hoja, which is much like a Mexican tamale but made with polenta and contained roasted red pepper and pork. It could have used a liiiittle more salt but the flavor was delicious. As a tamale lover, this was a welcomed surprise!

Tamal en Hoja

As the main course, Gina tried the sampler, which is always a good option if you aren’t sure what to get because you can try everything. The platter included stewed beef, roasted pork, fricasseed chicken and moro y christianos(a black bean & rice dish). I went with my absolute favorite, Lechon Asado or roasted pork, which was served with yellow rice, black beans and sweet plantains.

Mi Tierra

Lechon Asado

Overall, Cubano’s gets 4 out of 5 stars. The food was delicious and the servings were huge! I took one star away due to the pricing, which was a little high( most dinner plates hovered around $15) and because I felt the food could have been a little more flavorful. But all in all, I will definitely be making a return trip… or two!

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