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I don’t have to state the obvious, but every wedding is different based on personality, budget and theme. Whether you are planning a wedding with extra cushion or are tight on the purse strings, there are ways to incorporated some nice touches to your day. Who doesn’t want a wedding that will wow guests??

Today I’ve compiled a list of nice touches to add to your wedding. These touches are sure to be noticed, enjoyed and appreciated by your guests. You can add one, a few or all.

Reception Treats

One of my favorite wedding sites is Southern Weddings Magazine. Last year, they had a contest for unique escort cards. Here are my favorites.

(Click the images/links for sources and more information.)

I love the idea of using the favors as an escort cards. And who doesn’t like s’mores?? Just a note: If you are doing s’mores, provide a place for them to be used (i.e. firepit, grill, s’mores maker, etc.).

These escort cards are tied to a barbecue rub and sauce. A nice treat for any guest to take home.

I love the creativity of these escort cards. My only hope is that guests actually ate the piece of fried chicken their cards were attached to. Other wise that’s a waste of good chicken.

Late Night Sweets & Eats

Enjoying the day and dancing the night away, people are bound to be hungry towards the end of the night. Here are some ideas for things to offer and serve.

Serving cupcakes? Have a carrier from them to take their cupcakes home. (Picture: Southern Weddings Magazine)

How about offering something hot to drink at the end of the night? Coffee and donuts or a hot cocoa bar would be a nice treat. (Pictures: Martha StewartSouthern Weddings Magazine)

Some ideas for late night eats:

1. Ham biscuit (Picture from Southern Weddings Magazine)

2. Cheese and crackers (Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings – click for how-to)

3. Chicken Tostadas (Picture from Pinterest) – Anything in this category would be a great option: mini tacos, nachos, etc.

4. Burgers, fries and vanilla shake (Picture from Southern Weddings Magazine)

5. Midnight snack box comprised of grapes, cheese, crackers, truffles (Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings) – This would also be a great option for a welcome basket, as well. Add a split of champagne or bottled water — Perfect!

6. Sliders (Picture from Eat My Wedding)

Some additional options for late night eats that would be good are: mini hot dogs, pretzels with dipping sauces, and chicken tenders (and fries). I’ve also heard of some weddings that ordered pizza or cheesesteaks for guests at the end of the night. If you like it, I love it!

Outdoor Wedding Comfort

Outdoor wedding can be beautiful. Many of them take place during the summer and we have no control over Mother Nature, so put some measures in place to ensure your guests are comfortable.

1. I’m certain that having a relief station with bug spray, cold towels and flip flops would make many guests very happy at your outdoor wedding. (Picture from Southern Weddings Magazine)

2. Cool Station with cold towels, ice water and parasols (from Martha Stewart Weddings)

3. & 4. Pashminas for when there is a chill in the night air. (Pictures from Style Me Pretty) Looking for pashminas wholesale? These sites may be useful: here, here and here. (Note: I haven’t purchased from these sites myself, so background check recommended.)

5. Sunscreen is always an added plus. (Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a nice surprise for out-of-town guests. They can be comprised of items that are known to the location of your wedding or some of you and your fiancee favorite things.

If you know that your wedding will be a party, it would be a great idea to include “Hangover Kit” items in your bag. Some of these items include: bottled water, Gatorade, aspirin, bandaids, bloody mary mix, vodka, a salty snack and a hair tie. A hangover kit would definitely come in handy the morning after.

1 & 2 – I may or may not have a thing for biscuits… LOL! Biscuits with pepper jelly or preserves. (Pictures from Southern Weddings Magazine)

3, 4 & 6 – Welcome bags or kits can come in various containers, boxes and bags. Use whatever is fitting for your theme and budget. (Pictures from Sweetest Occasion, Rustic Wedding Chic and Martha Stewart Weddings)

5 & 7 – Hangover Kits (Pictures from Peony & Peartree and Martha Stewart Weddings)

Having a wedding in DC?? Here are some items that you could include in your welcome bag.

1. Bottled Water (Picture from Pinterest)

2. Postcard with DC Highlight or Monuments (Picture from Remembering Letters)

3. Copy of Washington Post newspaper (Picture from Pinterest)

4. Map of DC Metro (WMATA) system (Picture from Pinterest)

5. Smithsonian Brochure (Picture from Brochure)

6. Can of DC Brau, DC’s Brewery (Picture from Pinterest)

7. Bag of UTZ potato chips — There are only some places that sell UTZ chips and the DC Metro area happens to be one of them. You only notice this when you go out of town and want some. (Picture from Pinterest)

8. Reusable tote bag — Add to your welcome note that DC & Maryland have a bag tax so the bag will come in handy. (Picture from Uncommon Goods)

Any other touches that should be added to my list? Let me know!

– G