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What comes to your mind when you think about bow ties? Formality? Pretentiousness? Maybe nothing at all?

*From the blacktieguide.com*

Well, I wasn’t convinced that bow ties are only for special occasions and wanted to find young men that have embraced the bow tie and incorporate it as a regular part of their wardrobe. Not knowing if I could find anyone at all, since none of my guy friends wear bow ties, I turned to Twitter to see what I could find. Low & behold, bow tie responses started trickling in from all over! Here are a few of the dapper gentlemen who  have welcomes the bow tie into their lives :0)

First we’ve got bow tie aficionado, Christopher Holiman.

This 23 y.o. South Carolina native started wearing self-tie bow ties during his senior year at Howard University. At that time, bow ties were a fad on campus and one that Chris felt he could take to another level. After graduating from undergrad, his love of bow ties only deepened.

His Collection:

His favorite bow ties are from the Marlon Garci silk collegiate collection. However, Chris also buys bow ties in bulk from BuyYourTies.com and TheTieBar.com. At this point Chris owns 40 bow ties(woo! I don’t think I own 40 of anything! Okay, maybe nail polish colors) and has gotten some of his coworkers into wearing them as well.

The next bow tie wearer is lyricist & artist, Joe Smokes Wisdom.

Joe is more of a non-traditional bow tie wearer and gets the majority of his bow ties from vintage stores and thrift shops. When he does shop on-line for bow ties, he only frequents Distinguished Cravat. Which I checked out and has some amazingly eclectic, handcrafted pieces!

Some of my fav pieces from Distinguished Cravat that weren’t already sold out are below. Each of these are available for $49.99!

When asked what got him started wearing bow ties, Joe’s response was simple: “[I’ve] been wearing bow-ties since my last life-time so this is a continuation in my new life(light)”.

*Taken from Distinguishedcravat.com/blog*

Alexander Pullen also answered my ABP for bow tie wearers.

He got into wearing bow ties after deciding to try them out one Homecoming and has been wearing them ever since.

Alexander doesn’t have a brand preference but gets the majority of his bow ties from K & G, JCPenny and TheTieBar.com.

Khama also answered my call.

Khama started wearing bow ties while looking for something that stood out and no longer got that feeling from wearing regular ties. His favorite place to buy them is at Nordstrom.

And last but not least, I got a couple shots from bow tie wearer, Christian!

See, bow ties aren’t just for stuffy black tie affairs! Before asking the Twitterverse whether bow ties had any place in everyday men’s fashion, I had no idea of the response I would get but I was seriously shocked by how many young men have incorporated bow ties into their everyday wardrobe! I must say, I love it!

If you want to try bow ties but don’t want to make a major commitment, I suggest you go see our guys over at TieSociety.com. Where you can “rent” bow ties and regular ties as a part of a monthly membership!

What do you all think about bow ties? Would you wear them? Do you?

~ Dyanna



*Major thanks to all the guys who helped me out with this post!!*