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I’ve heard once or twice before that DC has nothing to offer. I couldn’t agree less. DC has a lot to offer, you just have to know where to find it. Yesterday, Dyanna and I went to a few unique events and spots in the city and I wanted to share with you our excursion.

901 Restaurant Happy Hour

I get off a little earlier than Dyanna (yes, we have real full-time jobs…lol), so I decided to have a drink someplace I’ve never been to before. 901 Restaurant has a decent happy hour — $5 small bites and $5 rail cocktails. I enjoyed their current specialty drink, Repasado for $6. It was a tequila drink with passionfruit and pineapple — Delicious!

Upon my visit, I noticed that 901 Restaurant has some cute nooks and dining areas that would be great for a small dinner party. If you are looking for a new spot to go to, I’d say give it a try.

**Update** 901 Restaurant has now closed. (Source)

Longview Gallery

Next on our stop was an art exhibit at Longview Gallery located on 9th Street NW. There were some really nice pieces on display from local artists. If art is your thing, I suggest you give this place a visit.

As well, if you are looking for a great event space, I think that this place should be added to your list of options. It’s unique, chic and I’m sure your guests will enjoy the space as well.

Mila & Fire Fashion Mixer

After viewing some art, we headed to Mila & Fire‘s Fashion Mixer at Lotus Lounge. Dyanna featured them previously on The High Life (Check it out here.) There were a few vendors showcasing their products which included jewelry, clothing, handbags, etc. One vendor that caught my eye was Gigee Marie. Gigee Marie sells very cute and bright colored clutch bags. My eye goes to color, so you can see why I was attracted. If you like what you see, go check Gigee Marie out!


By this time in our DC travels, we were hungry and needed some food. Since we were close by, Stan’s was the best choice. In my opinion, Stan’s has some of the best chicken wings, fried or baked, in the area. They serve them with a sweet hot sauce that is very tasty. The sauce is kinda similar to mambo sauce. (Mambo sauce is a sauce known to DC — Another day, another post…lol.) Anywho, it’s delicious. The chicken they serve is crispy and flavorful and the drinks are cold and plentiful.

Stan’s is definitely on my list of good places to eat in DC. They have other items on their menu, but I honestly couldn’t tell you about them because I go simply for the chicken.

Stan’s Baked Chicken Wings

For those doubters, still think that DC doesn’t have much to offer? Here are some cool events happening this weekend that you may want to check out:

Farm-to-Street Party: Saturday, July 16 from 1pm-7pm @ 13th & V Streets NW, near U Street Metro

Summer Picnic Spectacular: Saturday, July 16 form 12pm-6pm @ Union Market (1309 5th St NE)

Next Screen on the Green: Wednesday, July 26 @ sunset on the National Mall — Movie: It Happened One Night

Do you know of any interesting events happening in DC? Please let me know.

– G