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The Perfect Red Lip

My mother wears no make-up whatsoever on a daily basis, so growing up I would always remember special occasions when the red lipstick would come out. It always stuck with me that when I grew up, I would be able to wear red lipstick. This year that time came. Yup, I was good & 26 before I wore red lipstick for the first time. And with that being the case, I didn’t want to just wear any ‘ol red. I wanted the perfect red.

The search for the perfect red lip can be a costly and tedious one. I knew there would be trial and error but I figured my folks over at MAC, one of my fav places to shop for lipstick, would be able to help me out.

Trial #1: FAIL

The first hue I tried was Russian Red with Cherry liner. Russian Red is a popular shade for MAC and I saw it on other women and thought it could work for me. Boy, was I disappointed. In my opinion it was too matte and made me look like a clown. Something about the brightness of the red really didn’t mesh well this my skintone.

Trial #2: SUCCESS

This go round I decided to take a little more time talking with my MAC girl about exactly what it was that I was looking for and why it was that I wasn’t satisfied with Russian Red. She informed me that Russian Red has a yellow undertone and with the  yellow undertone in my skin, we were not a match to be made. Instead she recommended I go with Ruby Woo which has a purple undertone that bring down the brightness of the red.

Above I’m pictured wearing Roby Woo and Driven by Love Pro Longwear Lipglass. She also recommended I pair this combo with their Vino lipliner. Of course I couldn’t find it last night while taking these photos, but that liner definitely brings out the purple in Ruby Woo. And I absolutely adore Driven by Love; it adds the perfect amount of shine & sex appeal to really make the red pop.

On top is Ruby Woo and the bottom is Russian Red. The contrast may look subtle, but you can definitely see the purple-ish tone in the Ruby Woo.

Revlon Nail Art Neon Collection

During a trip to the CVS(you all see how common this is for me), my eye spotted yet another new nail polish item: the Revlon Nail Art Collection. Naturally my love for bright polishes wouldn’t let me pass this one by.

*photo from lipstickpowdernpaint.com*

There are 7 different shades, but I went with Hot Hue a neon tangerine. So the polish comes with a white base and then the colored polish. The white base, which you apply first, is supposed to “pop” the colored polish and enhance the neon effect. Well…

The top right picture is after applying the white base and then one coat. The bottom right is the finished product after the white base, two coats and a clear top coat. Do you all like that result? No? Didn’t think so? And neither did I.

This polish from Revlon is honestly the first polish I think I’ve ever tried that I disliked so much I couldn’t even let it stay on for the night. I just couldn’t stand the way it looked on my nails. And yes, I know how dramatic that sounds.

Why I disliked this polish:

1. The white base is super streaky, and if you won’t make sure the base applies evenly, you can see the streaks through the colored polish.

2. As with many neons, the color dries super matte. Which isn’t that much of an issue since I own a top coat, but this should definitely be stated on the bottle.

3. The end color wasn’t nearly bright enough. The neon in the display was much brighter and bolder than the end result.

4. The price. At $8.39, the quality on this polish should have been a million times better than it was. After falling so madly in love with Revlon’s colorstay collection, this line was definitely a fumble for them.

Have any of you all tried the products listed above? What did you think??

~ Dyanna