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If the wondrously tasty José Andrés restaurants Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel, Minibar, America Eats Tavern and Cafe Atlantico are not quite enough for you, the critically acclaimed chef has yet another gem for us to discover.

Pepe food truck, which specializes in Spanish style flauta sandwiches and soups, has joined DC’s bustling food truck scene and is now roaming the streets of the District.

The sandwiches range in price from $9 – $20, and offer a great variety of flavors and combinations. There are veggie options such as the Escalivada, which has roasted eggplant, red peppers, sweet onions, spinach and mojo as well as options like the Pepito de Iberico which is packed with seared pork, serrano ham, roasted green peppers caramelized onions and aioli. But keep in mind that the menu may change slightly from day to day.

I’m addicted to pork so I opted for the Butifarra ‘Burger’, which is a sliced grilled pork burger with aioli and brava sauce. As simple as the sandwich sounds, the taste was complex and delicious. The burger was nice and juicy and the freshly grilled taste was definitely a plus. And the brava sauce? Yum, yum. The aioli however, got lost in the sandwich, so I really don’t even think it was necessary.

Overall, I’d give Pepe 4 stars. That fifth star totally would have been theirs except the sandwiches are kiiind of on the pricey side.  Aside from that, Pepe is a delicious option that’s definitely worth a visit!

To find out when they’ll be stopping at a corner near you, follow them here: @PepeFoodTruck

Yesterday was a pretty serious foodie day for me. After indulging in Pepe for lunch, I decided to have dinner at Sweet Mango Cafe! Sweet Mango is conveniently located in the Petworth neighborhood at 3701 New Hampshire Ave; literally right outside the Georgia Ave-Petworth metro stop.

*LOVE this ode to Go-Go legend Chuck Brown they have painted on the front of the building*

This Caribbean restaurant is known for their jerk chicken which is a-mazing! The critics didn’t lie when they said they’ve got some of the best jerk chicken the DC food scene has to offer. It has the perfect combination of flavor and spice! But jerk chicken aside, they also have other Caribbean favorites such as curry chicken, shrimp & goat, stew chicken, patties and plantains. The prices are beyond reasonable and the portions are huge!

For yesterday’s visit, I decided to go with the brown stew chicken and a chicken patty, while Gina went with the jerk shrimp.

Both meals came with rice and peas as well as seasoned steamed veggies. Naturally I tried some of everything, including Gina’s jerk shrimp, which like the chicken had great flavor. The brown stew chicken was a little disappointing, due to the chicken being a tad dry. We were also disappointed by the fact that the restaurant had run out of plantains. I’ve heard of them running out of items as they night goes on from other folks who have been here, so I’d offer a word to the wise to get here early in the evening if you want to sample their best offerings.

I’d also give Sweet Mango a 4 out of 5 stars. While I love the flavors, price & portions here, the 5th star was taken away because running out of items is somewhat of a habit here.

Sweet Mango Cafe on Urbanspoon

Have any of you all experienced Pepe or Sweet Mango Cafe? We’d love to hear what you all thought!

~ Dyanna