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Today is July 4th (U.S. Independence Day for our international friends). Whenever I think about the 4th, I always think about fireworks.  I also make it my goal to see a glimpse of them every year. So today I will share with you some July 4th-inspired wedding sparkle inclusive of fireworks and sparklers. Enjoy!


If you know you want fireworks for your wedding but it isn’t in your budget, plan your day around an event in which fireworks happen. Days like these include July 4th and New Year’s. There may be some additional days in the year depending on the location of your wedding.


Sparklers are a great way to add a nice bright touch to your wedding. Most people use them during the send off, but you can add them to any part of your wedding. Use them during the reception or the first dance for an added element.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!!

– G