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I haven’t done one of these posts since the Met Costume Gala! However, last night BET held their annual award’s show and I figured there were some thangs(yes, thangs) that needed to be shared with you all. Entertaining show aside, my eyes are always glued to what the honorees & attendees are wearing. So here it goes, the Best and Worst Dressed from the 2012 BET Awards.

I always believe in gettinng the bad news out of the way, so first up:

The Worst Dressed

(Getty Images)

1. Choreographer Laurieann Gibson totally missed the mark in this MCM get-up. When is the last time any of you all saw a completely monogrammed outfit that made you say “wow, I would love to wear that!”?? I was nothing short of confused.

2. Oh LaLa. I love LaLa Anthony. She seems like such a sweet person. Too bad this post is about fashion and not character. The fit is all wrong here and makes her look extremely top heavy. I’m not loving the stiff fishtail braid either.

3. Did Kerry Washington not realize she was going to an award’s show when she put this outfit on? It’s a bit too simple for my taste and for this event. I also think she at least could have used a colored lip to add a little “umph” here.

4. I love peplum, absolutely adore it. However, the ruffle here is too big, the belt is too thin and why are her shoes nude? As much as I tried to give Tatiana Ali a pass on this look, I just couldn’t.

5. In the words of rapper 2 Chainz, “Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!”. I don’t really think anything at all needs to be said here. Not even the Louboutins could make this right.

6. Porscha Coleman, I have no words at all. The picture says enough.

7. The pants are truly what throw this outfit off. They’re too flowy, too long and too… blue. Not to mention that I don’t see how they coordinate with the top she’s wearing.

The Best Dressed

I won’t even lie to you folks but I searched high, and I searched low and found absolutely NO looks that wow’d me. And just know that that made me extremely sad :-/ So this ‘Best Dressed’ list is indeed more like a ‘Looks That Offended Me The Least’ list. Better luck next time!

(Getty Images)

1. Actress Nadine Ellis, pulled off this summery look well. The cut of the dress is flattering and I love the color combo!

2. I’m also loving the blue suit actor Hosea Chanchez is wearing here. Something about a man in a slim cut suit 🙂 I also have to commend him for wearing leopard printed shoes; that was pretty adventurous.

3. Selita Ebanks. Without the shoulder armor-esque attribute, this look would be perfect! Well, to me at least. I love that Selita took a chance and that the “skirt” here is see-through. Something in me just goes ga-ga over chiffon.

4. Tamia! Where have you been?? I don’t know and quite frankly I don’t care because she looks great here! And that red Alexander McQueen clutch is amazing!

What do you all think? Do you agree with my choices or were their some celebs that should have landed on these lists?

~ Dyanna