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A couple months ago my co-workers hipped me to a sandwich shop that they all felt I needed to try.

I previously told them about my disdain for other local favorite sandwich shops and let them know that I was a tough critic who was hard to please. I sat looking at the menu on my desk for weeks, in an attempt to figure out whether this sandwich shop with the quirky name would be worth the visit.

Well, last Friday I finally decided to check things out and boooooy am I glad I did! SUNdeVICH is located at 1314 9th St NW. If you aren’t paying close enough attention, you could definitely miss it. It’s located in an alley of sorts and the only thing that kept me from getting lost was the sign below painted on the brick wall, letting me know I needed to turn off in order to arrive at my destination.

The shop is tiny but has a warm, welcoming feel. The first thing you see as you walk through the door is the sandwich menu which is written in colorful chalk and boasts some pretty interesting options. There are selections which include adventurous delicacies such as beef tongue, chicken liver and pork terrine; however, the majority of the menu is pretty calm. In addition to sandwiches, SUNdeVICH also makes salads and small side dishes.

Since it was my first trip, I decided not to get too crazy with my selection, so I went with the Havana. The Havana is roasted pork with Gruyere cheese, pickles and Dijon; kind of like their take on a Cuban. I was a little iffy about the pickles but the combination of these flavors was amaaaaazing! The pork was flavorful and the bread’s crunch to soft ratio was dead on.

After falling in love with Havana, you all know I HAD to go back and ASAP. Yesterday I went and tried the Kingston, a jerk chicken sandwich with pineapple salsa, greens, spicy slaw and mayo. This sandwich is the only spicy offering on their menu but the heat wasn’t too extreme. Once again the flavors were excellent together. The sauce from the chicken soaks into the bread and woooowee! A match in heaven is made! I promise you all this isn’t a paid advertisement 🙂

**Don’t those sandwiches look delicious!?**

All in all, I give SUNdeVICH 4 out of 5 stars. They’re a liiiittle pricey and that’s what kept them from getting all 5 stars. However, I definitely have added SUNdeVICH to my list of neighborhood favs and can’t wait to try more of their delicious menu!

For more info, check out their website here or follow them on twitter, @sundevich.

Have any of you all tried SUNdeVICH? What did you think?

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~ Dyanna