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What happens when you get 7 men of all ages in a room and ask them for their honest thoughts on women, love and what it’s like to be a man in America?

A few months ago Gina and I decided we wanted to host a series of conversations focusing on life, love & relationships. We aimed to get a variety of perspectives from men & women of all ages, on some of the toughest issues facing our generation. We started out with an all male discussion and what we got was a lively conversation that aroused both serious thought and tons of laughter.

We live in a world of instant gratification and lack of communication. These things have taken a toll on relationships and families. Relationships are what you make them. You can’t come to the table expecting more than you are willing to put in. If you want quality, you have to produce quality as well. It is our hope to provide some knowledge on how to have healthy, successful relationships — not just romantic, but all relationships(family and friendships included). While we don’t provide a direct solution, we are providing opinions and real life experiences. Take from them what you may. The experience of others may help your situation or simply open your eyes.

So we present to you a conversation, full of questions that should be asked. Regardless of what people say; what you don’t know, can hurt you. Have open conversations and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Sit back and enjoy episode 1 of our He Says series. There will be much more to come!

~ D & G