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Today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite happy hour spots, Zengo. I absolutely love happy hour at Zengo. And just recently this year, they expanded their lounge. It’s bigger, more jazzy and better all around.

Zengo is located in the Penn Quarter/Chinatown area. It’s literally right next to the Gallery Place Metro and AT&T store. It’s a great spot to people watch, especially along one of the window lounge seats.

Anywho, the happy hour menu at Zengo is fabulous. It includes $5 beverages inclusive of margaritas, mojitos and caipirihnas. The food items range from $5 to $7. Zengo is a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant. (I’ve learned that I have a thing for Latin-Asian fusion cuisine.) So come prepared to try some new things. If you enjoy good food and great flavor, then Zengo won’t disappoint.

Upon my last visit, I had the Kung Pao Chicken wings. They were saucy and delicious and were served with a cilantro cream sauce on the side. I definitely recommend these. (I may be partial because I’m a wing girl.)

Whenever you go to Zengo, you must try the Edamame XO. Whatever sauce they put on these boys is amazing! I’m pretty sure the sauce includes pork, which is probably why it taste so good. I also enjoyed the pineapple mojito and the tuna wonton tacos (On the dinner menu, but worth it is you like tuna and/or guacamole.)

Overall, Zengo definitely makes my top 5 happy hour list. You should go see for yourself. Let me know what you think.

Guess who is offering a deal right now for you to experience all they have to offer? That’s right — Zengo. Living Social has an opportunity to experience it all at a minimal price. Happy hour is excluded but I’m sure the money will be worth it. See the deal here.

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