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It’s Wednesday, so you know what today’s post is about — Weddings! But today’s post is for the guys as well. A few weeks back, we had some twitter talk about guys wearing sneakers at weddings. I love the idea of sneakers, kicks, whatever you refer to them as, at weddings. It shows personality, style and you get to be comfortable.

I’ve searched far and wide for some great wedding photos with sneakers or kicks done right. I’m also including Sperrys and Toms in this category, because while they may not be sneakers, they are a casual, comfort shoe. Any of these shoes can still work well for your special day.


from Complex

from 417Bride.com

Chuck Taylors

Dyanna attended a wedding a couple weeks ago where the blushing bride, Mayra, wore fun blue sequined chucks for the reception!


from Pinterest

from Pinterest


from Indulgy

from Pinterest

At the end of the day, your wedding should be all about your personality and style. If sneakers and kicks are your thing, incorporate them.

– G