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New York City is one of my favorite cities! Growing up, my family would drive up from DC to take site seeing and shopping trips at least twice a year. So it’s no surprise that this city has always felt like my second home.

*Why yes that is me in my snazzy biker short set. My sibs & I on top of one of the World Trade Center towers in fall 1991*

What some people see as nothing more than a loud & crowded concrete jungle, I’ve managed to find the beauty in. The energy, the culture… the food; I love it all!

With that said, over the past month, I’ve taken a couple quick trips up to NYC. And even though the trips were brief, I tried to make sure that I packed everything I enjoy into my visits. And while I like to check out my old faithful spots, nothing compares to finding a new gem!

One of my absolute fav neighborhoods to visit is Chinatown. I get off at Canal St. and it’s seriously like being in a different country. There are Chinese shops, restaurants and bakeries; seafood markets and produce stands(with a plethora of items I’d never find at my local grocer) and tons and tons of people. I swear no matter what time or day I’ve been down to Canal, it’s packed with people.

And when I’m in Chinatown I ALWAYS stop by my favortie dim sum spot, Ping Seafood Restaurant. Located on Mott street, Ping has some of the best dim sum I’ve ever had. Their pineapple buns(pictured in the middle below), pork spare ribs, shrimp shumai and bacon wrapped shrimp are just a mere fraction of their tasty offerings. It’s not nearly as big as the dim sum giant, Jing Fong, but their food is honestly better.

If you’re ever in NYS on a weekend, be sure to check them out!

Like many other 20-something young women, I am a devout fan of brunch. Especially ones with unlimited mimosas; actually I only consider brunches with unlimited mimosas to be brunch. Thanks to my old roomie, I was introduced to the awesome brunch at Kittichai!

Before we talk food, the ambiance is gorgeous. There are colorful orchids everywhere, a unique fishtank that looks like a birdcage at the hostess stand and the pièce de résistance?? A pool with floating orchids in the middle of the dining room!

For $25 you get unlimited blood orange mimosas/bloody mary/lychee bellini and the choice of one entree. Everything on the menu sounds interesting. Options range from five spice french toast to Norwegian smoked salmon. I decided on the Kittichai omelette with Thai sour sausage, jumbo lump crab meat and a side of curry potatoes and naan. I’ll admit, I preferred the pad thai one of the other ladies I was dining with chose but the curry potatoes were to DIE for! Full of flavor and just delicious. For dessert we had the banana spring rolls with burnt honey ice cream, which were tasty as well.

For $25 I will surely be back!

Second to eating, my next fav activity to do in Gotham City is shop, duh! I can literally spend hours walking around midtown and lower Manhattan going shop to shop browsing and searching for interesting pieces. Before I hopped back on the bus to DC I managed to stop in a small shop in SoHo. To be honest, I can’t even remember the name of it. But being the huge nail polish freak that I am, I spotted brightly colored polishes on a table in the middle of the shop and made a bee-line for them. Turns out they were offerings from a brand I just finished reading about on Essence.com!

*The hues pictures above are ‘Too Much Info’ & ‘Any Place Any Time’. I’m pictured wearing ‘Any Place Any Time’*

Polish & Co. was started by Theresa Williamson in Greensboro, NC in 2010. The colors are bright and now that I’m 4 days in with minimal chipping on natural nails, I’d say the wear-ability is great! It’s more than apparent that Williamson’s 22+ years in the nail industry have provided her with the knowledge to make a great polish! The polishes are made in the USA and toxin free. I’d suggest my fellow polish heads run on over to the Polish & Co. website to try them for yourself for $12 a pop!

The summer’s just unofficially begun, so I’m sure I’ll have so much more for you guys in the months to come!

~ Dyanna