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I ventured out recently in search for something different for lunch. I didn’t want my usual salad and most sandwiches just wouldn’t cut it. I came across the food truck line and the one that caught my eye was Carnivore BBQ. I’m sooo glad I made the decision to stop and give them a try.

They have a few meat options to choose from, which include: smoked chicken, beef brisket or pulled pork. I was a little on the late side that day and the chicken was sold out, so I decided on the beef brisket. It was delicious! It had great flavor and was moist and tender. An added plus was the portion size. I was pleasantly surprised. The portion was big enough that I saved half for lunch for the next day.

Carnivore BBQ has a few barbecue sauce options for you to choose from. I enjoy a little spice, so I had the mustard and pucker sauce on my beef brisket. This was the perfect sauce choice for me because there was a kick of spice with a sweet bbq flavor. The combination was great!

Carnivore BBQ also has the option of topping your selection with their North Carolina style slaw. At first, I was a little skeptical to try it because I didn’t want anything creamy messing with my barbecue brisket. But then I saw that their slaw is vinegar based, so I gave it a try. The slaw was such a nice, tangy compliment to the barbecue.

I would definitely recommend Carnivore BBQ, if you’re looking for a good meal for lunch or dinner. The food was great and well worth the money. The service is great too! (Hey Franky!) Check them out on twitter (@carnbbq) or Food Truck Fiesta (You’ll thank me later for introducing you to this site.) and see when they will be in your area.

Have you tried the Carnivore BBQ food truck? Was your experience as great as mine? Let me know.

– G