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We all need some love inspiration every now and again. The media constantly bombards us with facts on divorce, cheating and sleazy scandals. And we usually never hear anything about love or happy marriages. This is why I am committed to sharing a love story every month.

I’m so excited to share with you today’s couple. Their story is uber cute and full of thoughtfulness, affection and love. (What more can you ask for??) I hope you take something away from their feature. Whether it’s insight for making your relationship work or belief that love does exist and that people can actually be happily married, I hope it resonates with you in one way or another.

Wendell & Yevonessa Hall

Married 1 year

(They just recently celebrated their one year anniversary. The High Life would like to wish you both a very Happy Anniversary and many more!!)

Right Place, Right Time

We met at a barbecue in Baltimore, MD.  Our first date was two months later at the Baltimore Harbor.


Yevonessa: Our relationship started off “long distance.” I was in Delaware and he was in DC. Although he was working on his dissertation at the time, he made every effort to come up to Delaware during the weekends (we kind of rotated weekends). This is when I knew he was THE ONE… although he had a lot going on with school and work, he still made it a point to make time for me and to nurture our relationship!

The Proposal

Yevonessa: Wendell proposed to me in Mexico. We took the trip for my birthday and were there with a group of friends. On the first night, while we were getting dressed for dinner, Wendell put some music on (I requested Biggie, but that was a no go, lol) and asked that I come out to the swim out pool that was connected to our room. When I came outside, one of our friends jumped from behind a bush and started taking pictures. I naturally thought that he was taking pictures of all the couples that were on the trip, so I started playing around with some poses. Next thing I know, Wendell asked me to sit down as he got on one knee. I really had NO clue as to what was going on. All I can remember saying was, “are you serious???” I said yes and soon thereafter found out that he asked my mother for my hand in marriage the week before. My mother isn’t good at keeping secrets, so he was strategic about when he told her. However, my sister knew weeks in advance. In fact, she served as the translator, when it was time for Wendell to speak to my mother (who primarily speaks Spanish).

Memorable Wedding Moment

Wendell: I remember our first kiss as husband and wife. As I went in for several kisses after the first, she reminded me that her mom was sitting right in front. I reminder her, “I’m your husband now.” I think I won that battle…and won one more kiss as well.

OUR Marriage

Both: Communication and respect for each other is key to our marriage. When disagreements arise, we give each other space for the time being; but always come back together to talk about the issue. This prevents us from staying upset at each other and helps us understand what the issue at hand was. Once discussed, we either laugh at the situation because there was a misunderstanding, agree to disagree, or compromise on a solution.

Sweet Thing

Yevonessa: Recently my girlfriends and I took a short girls trip to Chicago to eat and shop. We were pleasantly surprised by a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries, on the first day of our stay. The card read, “To the Girls, From the Guys.” Wendell is the most thoughtful man I know… I knew right away that he had something to do with the surprise!

Best Advice You Were Given

Both: A few of our married friends advised that we go to premarital counseling and it was a great experience! In the three years we were together, we felt that we knew a lot about each other. However, during our sessions, we were able to further delve into discussions (including how our family and upbringing made us who/how we are) that were going to help us move forward as individuals with a common goal… to honor, cherish and build the best marriage and family we could.

Words of Wisdom for People Dating

Yevonessa: Become friends, before you become “lovers.” Falling in love is wonderful but having a friendship is what will sustain the relationship and carry you through the great, good and bad times.

Love Bits – Fill In the Blank

If we catch you two on a Friday night, we would probably see you at home watching TV and having our own happy hour.

Yevonessa: He makes me feel so grateful to be his wife when he talks about how happy he is to be married… to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading their story as much as I did. Need more Believe in Love features to read? Try this one or this one.

– G