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If you’ve followed a long with the blog a little bit, you’ve probably noticed that G & I only posts entries on certain days. Well, we’ve decided that there’s no reason why on those post-less days we can’t give you all a little somethin’ to wet your whistle. With that said, welcome to ‘Odds & Ends’. These will be quick little notes, and maybe there will just be a quote or even a picture; little things that peaked our interest on the fly.

This week’s manicure

If you haven’t noticed I’m somewhat of a nail trend fanatic. I love having fun with colors/designs and change up my look at least twice a week. My co-workers have even started checking my nails for nail inspiration, “oh we’re not doing the one nail a different color thing any more?”. The answer is yes we are, but that’s just an example of comments I get.

This week I went pretty simple with a a polka dot theme. The base color is Cocktail Bling from Essie and the bright pink dots are Punchy Pink also from Essie. For the dots I just used the tip of a pen and a steady hand; the steady hand is a must here lol. The base is a bit darker than I like for this time of year, so this will probably be changed before the end of the week.

DC is getting a beach

If you haven’t already heard, DC is getting a beach. Yup, I said a beach. There won’t be any water but there will be sand and most importantly there will be bars. Located at 645 New York Avenue, the New York Avenue Beach Bar is set to open this Friday, May 25th. I work a couple doors down from this unique bar so during my morning Starbucks trip I decided I’d sneak and snap a quick pic. My snooping was more overt than I thought and I was spotted by one of the owners, Carl, who then invited me into the space to get a better shot! Thanks Carl!

If you’re in the area and have nothing else to do, come check them out tomorrow as the sand gets delivered to what now is an empty-ish lot. But if watching sand being brought to the beach isn’t your thing, be sure to swing by beginning May 25th!

~ Dyanna