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The time has come for the latest edition of The Love List!

First on my list this go round are retro inspired platforms. Summer is definitely knocking at the door waiting to be let in! That means sandal season is upon us. Time to get those pedicures taken care of and to do some sandal shopping. I absolutely adore heels, so it’s only natural that I be drawn towards platforms & super high sandals during the warmer months!

A recent trip to Macy’s introduced me to a couple pair that fit the bill including the orange beauties above, that have a retro feel with a 6″ platform heel, super feminine wrap around ankle strap, and are from the Nine West Brasil collection. The yellow pair is from Harajuki Lovers, many many seasons ago, and the leopard print t-straps are from INC. I’m all about being stylish but I rarely forego function in the name of fashion; so platforms are a great solution for those of you who aren’t jumping at the idea of teetering along in 4″+ regular heels!

The next item on my list may seem odd but stick with me here. It’s water proof spray.

Available at your local sneaker store, ie. Champs, Footlocker or Footaction or even online for around $14, this stuff has saved my life! I own quite a few leather pieces, sorry PETA, and a constant fear of mine used to be getting those items wet or dirty and having the leather be damaged. Since coming across this easy & affordable solution, I haven’t had any more issues with soiled leather. I remember wearing a pair of cobalt leather flats in the pouring rain and having them return to normal as they dried; I was sold! I wanted you all to believe in the magic so I did I demo for  and even included the timestamp via my microwave so you would know I wasn’t lying!


After(22 minutes later):

I can’t believe all my sneakerhead guy friends never let me in on this secret! I, however do believe in sharing though, so you’re welcome :0)

Being the foodie that I am, I couldn’t escape without putting something edible on here. Last but not least on today’s list are the tater tots from Sticky Rice in Washington DC!

Located on H street between 12th & 13th in the Atlas District, Sticky Rice has quickly become the go-to spot for sushi and other modern Asian fair. They’ve got great rolls and a plethora or vegetarian and vegan options; however, their bucket o tots as they call it, are what keep me coming back!

*photo taken from stickyricedc.com*

These crunchy, tasty treats literally come in a bucket and are paired with a spicy, savory dipping sauce for $8; you can also get them as a side for $4. The bucket appears small in this picture but trust me, it’s like the tots never end (a la Mary Poppins’ handbag style) and that’s great because you won’t want them to! I’ve also seen them offer a sweet potato version that comes with a tangy, sweet sauce. I’m a bit of a purist so I’ve never tried them myself but I’m sure they’re just as good!

Welp, that’s all I’ve got for you this time! Tried any of these 3 items before? What’s your take on them? I’d love to know!

~ Dyanna