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Hey Folks! Today marks 6 weeks since we launched The High Life and we wanted to just take a moment to thank you all for reading and following us!

Today we also wanted to feature something new: a platform we have affectionately labeled The Guy Guide. Learning to live the ultimate life isn’t just for chics! So we wanted to show the fellas out there who are reading that we’ve got a little something up our sleeves for you all as well!

Our first feature for The Guy Guide is, Tie Society.

*photos taken from tbd.com*

Do any of you all watch The League on FX? Ever see the episode where the character Taco comes up with a tie sharing program called Neckflix? Well, the Tie Society is the real deal and coincidentally enough the founders behind this online men’s accessory exchange company had this entrepreneurial effort in the works long before that episode ever aired.

Zac Gittens and Otis Collins, the Tie Society founders, are childhood friends who once worked in corporate America. What started out as swapping ties between friends, in order to try new looks without shelling out tons of cash, would mature into what we now know as Tie Society. Having launched in November of last year, Tie Society has quickly picked up steam and generated a buzz in publications such as the Washington Post, NPR and Thrillist.com. I was honored to be able to catch up with Mr. Gittens himself to pick his brain about this unique business.

What prompted you guys to start Tie Society?

It’s tough for guys to find a good tie for a decent price. Many women don’t know it, but the average tie can cost around $80. Young professional men don’t always have the money to keep buying ties just because they want more variety. Zac, formerly of IBM, and Otis always wanted to be entrepreneurs and contemplated other avenues in the past but both ended up sharing a desire to create a new, easy & affordable way for men to gain access to top-quality neckware.

Where do you see Tie Society in a year?

We want to become a destination for guys who aim to look their best. And we want to make it easier for guys to look their best. We’re also looking to offer dress shirts and other items for men (they currently also offer bowties and cufflinks), that won’t be for borrow & return but will be offered for purchase at a discounted price.

How do you all deal with the references to The League and people who think you all took the idea from Neckflix?

We get the comparison a lot and think it’s funny. We launched about 2 or 3 weeks after that episode aired. We tell people that even though the episode aired before most people heard about us, it’s impossible to launch this type of company in two weeks. Tie Society definitely was in the works long before the episode aired.

What about competition?

Competition is inevitable and in fact we see it as a good thing.

The guys at Tie Society plan to stay on top of their game by continuing to offer quality product & quality service!

So let’s get to what you really want to know; how it works:

*photos from tiesociety.com*

Customers are invited to select 1 of 4 membership plans, which begin at just $10.95 a month. Based on the plan you choose, you are able to “borrow” more and/or higher valued items.

*photos from tiesociety.com*

Shipping is free, returns are free, you can cancel at any time, AND their packaging is 100% recyclable. They even allow you to take a look at their collection before deciding on whether you want to give them a try or not. How awesome is that!

They’ve got silk ties, woven ties, skinny ties and bowties. Dots, stripes, paisleys & plaids.

*photos taken from tiesociety.com. all items above are currently available*

Women have been bag borrow and stealing for years; renting everything from hand bags to formal gowns on-line, It’s about time men were able to get in on the action! So what’re you waiting for? Head over to Tie Society and show these them some love!

Would you guys be willing to try this out?

~ Dyanna