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The other day my co-worker rushed over to my desk. I assumed there was a “fire” that need to be put out but instead was relieved to find out that she came to tell me about a cool new nail treatment she had recently chanced upon. Everybody knows how crazy I am about nail polish and fresh new nail techniques so I was more than appreciative for her willingness to share. The technique is called a caviar manicure.

*Photo taken from Ciate.co.uk*

The name is due to the finished product which looks like tiny glossy fish eggs on your nails. This treatment was created by the folks over at Ciaté, a nail polish brand based in the United Kingdom. The manicure set comes in rainbow, pictured above, mother of pearl and black. Apparently it’s extremely popular because despite it’s pretty hefty price tag, £18 or roughly $28 on a good day, it’s completely sold out on their website. But have no fear my American fashionistas, this mani is making it’s way over seas this month!

However, if you’re as impatient as I am about these things, I’ve got a do-it-yourself technique that will propel you ahead of the game. During a trip to Michael’s craft store for some business card supplies, I noticed a section with metallic microbeads and had an *ah-ha* moment. These microbeads, priced at $3.99, layered on top of my favorite nail polish with a durable top coat to keep them in place and viola! We’ve got a caviar manicure for a steal!

What you need:

your favorite nail polish color (I used Playa del Platinum & Cocktail Bling from Essie)

an awesome top coat

microbeads in the color of your choice

How you do it:

Polish your nails per usual with the colors you’ve chosen. Once the nail lacquer ha gotten some time to set, generously apply the top coat to one nail. You’ll want to do this one nail at a time so that that the polish is damp enough for the microbeads to stick well.

Take a small amount of the microbeads and poor them over the nail you’re currently applying the treatment to, be sure to cover all the gaps so it doesn’t look spotty. Apply gentle pressure to the beads so they set in the polish and you’re all done! You may also want to apply another coat of your top coat after applying the beads to reduce the likelihood of the beads falling off. That was simple enough, right? I only did one nail since I was testing the technique out, but I think it came out pretty good! What do you all think??

This DIY caviar manicure is quick, easy & affordable! It probably took me longer to type the directions out for the technique than it did to actually do it :0) And there’s no doubt that this mani is sure to turn a head or two!

~ Dyanna